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Stanley Cup Finals Game 4 Wild Affair In Boston

How bad was Corey Crawford‘s glove hand in game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals?  So bad that the Chicago Blackhawks needed to score 6 goals, including one in overtime to beat the surging Boston Bruins to turn the Stanley Cup Championship into a best of three series.

After a wide open affair that almost saw more goals scored in last nights game than in the rest of the series (games one through three only beat game four by one goal) – the series will shift back to Chicago for Game 5 on Saturday.

Just as batters and pitchers in baseball have music to introduce them that is specific to their likes and personalities – the same could be said of Corey Crawford’s catching glove – except after allowing five  goals on his left side his introductory music would have to be Wide Open Spaces by the Dixie Chicks.  The glove hand weakness was so prominent in last nights game – that the Boston Bruins were specifically targetting that spot on the net with their shots.  Boston only totalled 33 shots through regulation and overtime last night – but its enough to give Crawford fits.

Not that Tuukka Rask needs to be let off the hook, he was peppered for 47 shots – and allowed six goals.  Rask didn’t have one glaring spot that the Blackhawks were picking on.  The Blackhawks decided they were going to show up for a game after being largely absent for the last two.

Game 4 was a wide open affair that had the crowd in the arena buzzing loudly all night long – and fans at home enthralled as well.  Coaches were going insane with the wide open affair – as both teams decided to throw caution to the wind and play a wide open affair.  The National Hockey League can only hope that the rest of the series – which should go seven games – is as entertaining and competitive as last nights game.  Sure fans in Boston would love to see Tuukka Rask pitch another shutout and further cement the Conn Smyth award – which he should get whether the Bruins win the Stanley Cup or not.

In a best of three series – the Boston Bruins will win the Stanley Cup in Boston if they can take control of the series in Chicago and return to their game, the in your face, angry hockey where they don’t give Chicago any space what so ever.  You saw the frustration that Chicago had in Game Three where they couldn’t get near the net.  Boston has the ability to regain momentum and shut the Chicago Blackhawks down.  The Bruins had that ability last night when they regained the momentum after getting back into the game after falling down a couple of goals.  Given the ability to move and skate, Chicago will succeed if they have the room for their skill players to continue to make plays.  Looking forward to the final three games of this series, and really hoping the intensity, overtime and games continue right through Game Seven.

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