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Vincent Lecavalier Bought Out By Lightning - Buffalo Sabres Should Be Interested

The Tampa Bay Lightning have bought out the contract of Captain Vincent Lecavalier as a compliance buyout under the new collective bargaining agreement.

The Buffalo Sabres should be interested in targetting Lecavalier.

Despite having some young depth at center – the Buffalo Sabres don’t have any solid NHL players standing in the pivot, feeding the wings.

Thomas Vanek doens’t want to be around for a long rebuild?  Well Mr. Vanek – what would you say to being on a line with Vincent Lecavalier?

The buyout now puts Lecavalier as one of the top centers on the free agent market which opens up on July 5th of this year, a few days later because of the later locked out season.

The Buffalo Sabres need to learn to once again roll multiple lines that can score.  Cody Hodgson emerged as a National Hockey League center last year, and would be a great second line center, or first line center – if the team is going to stack their roster.

What it does do however, is bump Mikhail Grigorenko down to 3rd or 4th line minutes once again, when he should be learning his trade as a top line center.

Danny Briere is an interesting look, and fans looked hard at resigning the former captain – but why get a retreaded player – when you can have another proven commodity that doesn’t have a history with the team.

If money is no object for Terry Pegula – does the addition to the free agency pool by the Tampa Bay Lightning help the Buffalo Sabres case of landing an star center?

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  • Bobby Catalano

    We would be stupid not to sign a player with his experience and is a proven top line center who has a Stanley cup on his resume buffalo could be a great place to jumpstart his career on a line with vanek

    • Greg

      Stupid, if we HAD a chance to sign him. But that won’t happen when you are rebuilding. Same will go for Iginla and Morrow. We are just not the kinda place a great player who is getting to retirement to expect them to believe we will be Cup Contenders anytime soon sorry. All we can do is hope to get a good player in the draft and convince Vanek OR Miller to stay, but i would rather get something for them than nothing which is what will happen if we keep them.

      • qwicwted

        In all honesty, I wouldn’t sign Iginla or Morrow – now Vinny is another story and I think signing him would be give Vanek pause for thought. Buffalo is a great place to raise your kids – it has an excellent school system and you get more bang for your buck. Vinny has enough $, I think what he is going to be looking for is a team where he will have relevance and can sign for 3-5 years.

        I have a feeling that the Sabres will not be able to move Miller for what they want. If he leaves, then we will need an experienced backup and there are other goalies available. I was thinking Briere, but maybe Vinny does make sense.

  • davidmuscalo

    The acquisition of Lacavalier might convince Vanek to stay in Buffalo. That said, I don’t expect Regier to try to sign Vinny. I think Regier wants both Vanek and Miller to leave. I don’t believe him when he says he wants them to stay because they are part of the failed team that he built and now wants to forget while he builds a new failing team.

    • Greg

      Why would ANY GM NOT want their Best Forward and Best Goalie on their team? without them, we will be suffering more and be set further back. You don’t kick your best players out, unless a trade would benefit us in the long run or right now, when you are rebuilding. YOU BUILD AROUND THEM! That’s like The Lightning saying “Oh, are team is not getting better, better get rid of Stamkos”

      • davidmuscalo

        You need to ask that question of Regier, not me. I wouldn’t boot my best players either, but Regier has repeatedly demonstrated that he is not good at keeping talent with the team and that the grass is always greener on the other side of the street. That’s how the team ended up with Leino, Torres, etc.

      • Richard Spalding

        I strongly believe that when your players start speaking publicly about being okay with getting traded, you almost have to oblige them. You cannot build around Thomas Vanek if he doesn’t want to part of a rebuild, which he does not. I’m not saying the Sabres have done a great job giving their players a reason to want to stick around, but when a player openly says he would be willing to be traded, you’re not kicking him out; you’re doing what is best for BOTH parties.

  • Greg

    There is no way the Sabres could match offers from teams with more money to spend plus we are rebuilding and no player of his level want to wait for Buffalo to be great as say the Pens or Hawks status for example. The Sabres WILL suffer just like EDM and NYI for awhile, so i would expect a few years of high draft picks.

    • Richard Spalding