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Daily Dasherboard July 2, 2013

The draft is over and we have had plenty of time to let the picks sink in, and despite my early assessment of a C, Darcy didn’t do a horrible job building for the future.  I was wrapped in his ability to do a quick rebuild.  What was I thinking?  Now we wait in anticipation of Free Agency.  Will the Buffalo Sabres make a splash and play for players that will continue to shape their roster to the new Darcy Regier model of bigger and tougher?

The Buffalo Sabres are changing.  Will it be enough to change the culture of things at First Niagara Center and bring about a winning attitude?  [WGR550].

The positive and negatives of the Buffalo Sabres 2013 NHL Draft Class.  [Bleacher Report].

Speaking of free agency, who are the overrated players the Buffalo Sabres should avoid in this year’s market? [Bleacher Report].

What to do with missing historic pucks.  Maybe teams should designate someone on the ice to retrieve the puck as part of the celebration.  [Chicago Tribune].

What are the best rumors in 2013 Free Agency?  Which ones should you be listening a little harder to? [SB Nation]. What NHL teams are in most dire need of free agent help this offseason? [Bleacher Report].

More teams trading than hunting free agents this year? [Washington Post].

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