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Buffalo Sabres Still Doing Things Darcy's Way

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When will the Buffalo Sabres learn as an organization?  If Darcy Regier is faulted for liking his players too much, then the organization likes its GM even more.

On a day that Danny Briere signs with the Montreal Canadiens, Bobby Ryan is dealt to the Ottawa Senators; all while the Boston Bruins will remain at the top of the division, insert the Detroit Red Wings into the picture and Darcy looks like a genius.

We are going to have to suffer.  When we don’t make the playoffs again because he is incapable of pulling the trigger to get things done, he will put out the I told you so card, and be safe for yet another season.

Problem is, in a thirty league team where the player no longer values the franchise like the fan does – it is not hard to rebuild and turn it around in a very short time period.

Darcy Regier cannot get a deal done.  He has no respect around the league.  He can’t move Ryan Miller or Thomas Vanek.  He can’t convince a free agent to come sign in Buffalo.

Another Free Agent Frenzy goes by and everyone around the Buffalo Sabres is getting better.  Buffalo is getting younger.

I wasn’t expecting a parade on July 5th, but was expecting more than nothing.  But then again, Darcy is still here.


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