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Buffalo Sabres Still Doing Things Darcy's Way


When will the Buffalo Sabres learn as an organization?  If Darcy Regier is faulted for liking his players too much, then the organization likes its GM even more.

On a day that Danny Briere signs with the Montreal Canadiens, Bobby Ryan is dealt to the Ottawa Senators; all while the Boston Bruins will remain at the top of the division, insert the Detroit Red Wings into the picture and Darcy looks like a genius.

We are going to have to suffer.  When we don’t make the playoffs again because he is incapable of pulling the trigger to get things done, he will put out the I told you so card, and be safe for yet another season.

Problem is, in a thirty league team where the player no longer values the franchise like the fan does – it is not hard to rebuild and turn it around in a very short time period.

Darcy Regier cannot get a deal done.  He has no respect around the league.  He can’t move Ryan Miller or Thomas Vanek.  He can’t convince a free agent to come sign in Buffalo.

Another Free Agent Frenzy goes by and everyone around the Buffalo Sabres is getting better.  Buffalo is getting younger.

I wasn’t expecting a parade on July 5th, but was expecting more than nothing.  But then again, Darcy is still here.


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  • Doug Lansing

    What did you expect, Regier can’t ever resign Cody Hodgson!! I’m afraid Buffalo is the laughing stock of the league.

  • qwicwted

    Hummm, I thought Darcy might do something, but hey we signed Matty the other day and we now have Joe Sacco as an assistant coach. Oh…..their getting a new third jersey – we don’t need any UFA’s – we have a 3rd Jersey and Matty.

    Ok, the UFA’s available weren’t worth much – I don’t even know if Morrow is still around. But maybe Darcy can sign Tiny Tim, Roy etc. Oh well, perhaps Darcy has burned too many bridges to be an effective GM. I am beginning to wonder.

  • Jes

    i honestly do not know what people were expecting. we are in rebuild mode. we are not poised for playoff contention for atleast 2 more years. No reason to go spending on 30+ year old and over priced free agents for the hell of it. We do not need any of these guys on the ufa market.

    trading however darcy has got to move on this ASAP. trade miller and vanek before they walk via free agency and do it before the season starts because honestly it’ll just be distraction all year long. enroth is ready to be a starter and hackett is creeping up pretty fast as well. vanek should bring in a handsome return but miller on the other hand I don’t think will bring too much in return.

    Vanek I believe will net a couple of picks (one 1st rounder for sure) and a top prospect or two.

    Miller I believe will net later round draft picks, roster player, top to mid level prospect.

    also get stafford out of town for whatever you can. he’s had too many chances to prove himself and has failed at every point since signing that contract extension.

  • Limestein

    Regier did the right thing by not listening to dummies who think the best solution is to just pull the trigger on anything to make headlines. What do you think he’s going to get for Miller/Vanek? Youth. Those trades don’t turn the Sabres into a cup contender this year and neither would signing David Clarkson.

    • Timothy Redinger

      Neither does keeping Miller or Vanek on the roster and get nothing for them when they sign somewhere else next free agency period. I would rather dump for youth picks, whatever we can get as opposed to seeing Drury/Briere all over again in 2014. I am not looking for Buffalo to be a cup contender next season, but I want the organization to go all in on the rebuild.

      • Limestein

        He isn’t going to keep them past the next trade deadline without a contract. The only reason Briere and Drury were allowed to do that is because the Sabres were in first place overall that season and trading them would’ve been stupid. Darcy has proven himself to be very shrewd with his trades. Relax.

    • Joe Mazurkiewicz

      The thing is , he’ll wait TOOOOOOO long then won’t even get a bag of pucks!!!!!!!

  • Joe Mazurkiewicz

    Bobby Knight had it right when he critcized his team with the BROWN “STAINED” TOILET PAPER!!!!!! That is EXACTLY where i’m at with the management of the Sabres!!!!!!!!!!!!