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Buffalo Sabres Waiting on Cody Hodgson

Is Cody Hodgson looking for a ticket out of Hockey Heaven?  According to general manager Darcy Regier he has reached out to the agent of Cody Hodgson and is awaiting the agent’s response.

Given the season that Hodgson had last year – is he looking for a way to get out of the Buffalo Sabres organization?  I haven’t been too high on the Buffalo team lately, given the fact that I don’t agree with the fact that Darcy Regier is still in charge of the hockey department.

Hell, even my mom, who raised me on Blue and Gold and never misses a game – has talked about boycotting the organization until Regier is gone.  But has his finesse with this organization gotten into the heads of some of the players that can get out if they get a chance?  We know Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek are being shopped, and that it is highly unlikely that they will be out of town during the upcoming season.

Does Cody Hodgson not want to be a part of the rebuild?

I am not pretending to be privy to what conversation or message that Regier left with Hodgson’s agent – but if an offer was left, or Regier hinted at offering Hodgson only the prerequisite contract for one year to keep him in Buffalo – is Hodgson holding out hope for an offer sheet or a better deal from the Buffalo Sabres?

Depending on the offer sheet, the Buffalo Sabres will most likely match whatever offer is given to Cody Hodgson – and we could see the same type situation plays out that we did with Colorado and Ryan O’Reilly from last season.

The fact that the Buffalo Sabres are trying to get younger shouldn’t be lost on Hodgson – he is still a young up and coming center in the National Hockey League, but the fact that Steve Ott, Mikhail Grigorenko, Zemgus Girgensons, and Tyler Ennis have all got a shot at a center position at training camp, Hodgson could be waiting for some guarantee from the Buffalo Sabres that he has a solid standing with the team, and won’t be fighting for minutes on a team struggling to find an identity.

Sure Ott and Ennis can get thrown back over to the wing and be just as effective if not more – but is Hodgson or his agent not calling Darcy back because they don’t feel that Buffalo is the future for Hodgson?  If that’s the case, take the one year deal from Buffalo and hit free agency next year.  Given the ice time, it would not be hard for Hodgson to stand out amongst his Blue and Gold peers in the 2013-2014 campaign.


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  • 40plusyearsfrustration

    If Hodgson is smart, now is the time for a Vanek style contract as for the next 3-5 years, the Sabres are going nowhere.
    Get your money from Darla, as if he doesn’t sign you, RFA or not, he more securely cements his place as one of the worst GM’s in Sabre history, or possibly NHL history.
    And if you don’t sign, chances are good you pull a Hasek and get out while the getting is good.

  • jimbobv2

    Hodgson wants to get paid. Just like every other RFA coming off a good season.

    No more, no less.

    He whined his way out of Vancouver. I doubt he wants to bail on Buffalo this quick and get a bad reputation around the league.

  • Jim

    Sounds like Mrs Hodgson is an intelligent lady

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