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Brenden Morrow To The Buffalo Sabres?

Sure, rumors are rumors, and how many times have we heard the Buffalo Sabres were hot on the trail of a free

agent, only to have Darcy Regier strut out to the podium to tell us that the price was too high.

I continue to disagree with the fact that Darcy Regier is still with this organization, yet I signed up for the full team rebuild.  Yet, there is still a lot that bothers me.  Ryan Miller is still on this team, and so is Thomas Vanek and Drew Stafford.

No, the Buffalo Sabres are not better right now on paper by losing Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek, but the purpose of the rebuild is not to be better now, its to be great later.  We have a lame duck general manager who is going to turn a rebuild into a long and painful process, despite the fact that there are teams out there that have rebuilt in shorter periods of time.  Now Brenden Morrow is hinted at being interesting for the Buffalo Sabres, and his former teammate Steve Ott is playing in Blue and Gold.

The only problem is, the Montreal Canadiens are interested in the former Dallas Star and Pittsburgh Penguin.

Bringing in Morrow does two things for this hockey team.  It brings balance and leadership.  It might make it easier for Steve Ott to stay in Buffalo at the end of his deal, instead of thanking the Buffalo Sabres for two years and running for free agency.   It might convince Thomas Vanek to stick around and be the offensive threat for this team.

While it makes sense to let the kids play, do you really have a captain going into next season?  I mean think about it, Drew Stafford is still wearing an A.  Do you want him to influence the future of the Buffalo Sabres organization?  Personally I would love to skate into next season with Brenden Morrow as captain, with Thomas Vanek and Steve Ott wearing the A’s on their sweaters.

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  • PaulR

    Morrow sounds like an option.

    I know the focus is on youth – but our youth are pretty much complete unknowns. Armia and Gergensons haven’t played a minute in the NHL. Grigorenko has a grand total of 1 NHL goal in 25 games. Where do the Sabres expect to find offense – not only next year, but in the next few years?

  • qwicwted

    I really like this option – been touting it for awhile. Morrow played well enough for the Pens and he does go to the dirty areas, has a very good work ethic and is a leader. Whereas Jagr looked old and tired, Morrow would be a good pickup and mentor for our youth. Also, since NY just signed Hagelin – I wonder where that leaves Stepan, Zuccerallo and Falk. I would like to see Darcy give Stepan an offer.

  • davidmuscalo

    Frankly, I can’t see Morrow or any talented player wanting to come to Buffalo and play for a last place team comprised of prospects.

  • Malcolm Greenwood

    Stafford isn’t going to leave this season. His cap hit is way too high. SO unless we retain any of it, he is not getting moved. As much as any of us wish he would be moved. That is partly the issue with Vanek – his cap hit. Teams want us to retain some salary. The better thing with Vanek is, that as a scoring winger, his value will be just as high, come trade deadline.

    Miller – well the goalie market is small right now. So what teams need or are willing to pay for him are small (look at Philly going cheap in the net). Plus he is currently a one year option. So returns currently offered probably aren;t that big. But wait for the season to start, wait for a goalie or two to suck, or get injured, then we might see offers coming in.

    Darcy is playing a patient game with these two. And that’s the best he can do.