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Buffalo Sabres Offer Sneak Peak of New Third Sweater

From what I get from the reveal video, the Buffalo Sabres are looking to add a lot more gold to their sweater come the fall. I didn’t figure on a

full reveal today at development camp and the intra-squad prospect scrimmage, but the team did reveal enough of the sweater for me to offer some opinions. First off, here is the video from the sneak peak reveal:

First off, if those are the colors involved, then I am fully on board with this sweater. Had they rolled out a metallic looking gold, then I would have hated it. The Sabres may have finally gotten it right on the third sweater – and should keep it indefinitely, not just roll it out for the minimum requirements the league has for an alternate jersey.

Of course these are only initial reactions – from a 35 second reveal clip, not actually seeing the whole sweater on the team. Looks like we are going to have to wait until training camp to see the full jersey, which is what I expected from the team.

On the opposite side of the coin, I liked the anniversary jerseys at first, and then found them to be a little too much to handle in mass quantity. Seeing that much yellow on the ice for a Sabres game could get old rather quick. Here’s to absolutely loving them come the full reveal though!

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  • Kevin

    It really is a tease is right! geez! they could have given us little bit more to chew on over the summer.

  • davidmuscalo

    I wouldn’t care if the sweaters were chartreuse if the players wearing them would win 110 games a season. Instead of putting winning players in the sweaters they try to ease the pain of rebuilding by dazzling us with colorful sweaters. Doesn’t work for me!