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Buffalo Sabres Thinking Outside The Box For Third Jersey

You had to know that this was coming – most teams are going to look for ways to generate more revenue this year

to make up for the lost half season due to the lockout.  The Dallas Stars and Carolina Hurricanes released new sweaters, and according to – the Buffalo Sabres could be targeting Friday as their announcement for the new third sweaters for the upcoming season.

If the report and rumor is true, it is a move from the Buffalo Sabres typical sweater reveal – that is something that they normally due closer to training camp.  Releasing it on Friday gives them two more months of sales.

Are the Buffalo Sabres going gold?  If done properly – this jersey could be really sweet, or could be the opposite, and be a complete and utter failure.  The last time the Buffalo Sabres went completely outside the box for their third sweater was during the black era, when they came out with the red alternate jersey – inverting the color scheme making a secondary jersey color the primary.

I personally would love to see the National Hockey League buck the trend and go back to wearing lighter colored jerseys at home.

If the Buffalo Sabres are releasing their new sweater tonight with the end of the development camp, it has come with little fanfare and excitement from the team.

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  • Kevin

    it has been rumored as being a gold majority color. Which will either look like the Thrashers gold jersey or the old LA Kings gold jerseys from back in the 70′s. Either way it will be a shock I have no doubt.

    • Jes

      I’m thinking it’ll look a lot like the preds jersey

      • Richard Spalding

        That’s what I’m hoping!

        • Joe Mazurkiewicz

          C’mon man! The Preds sweater looked like mustard,but the little sneak-peek on ch.2 looked ok,pretty much the same golden yellow trim on last years sweaters.Anyway I aint spending one red cent as long as DUMDASS is still the GM.

          • Kevin

            Yea the Preds jersey looked like Webers horseradish mustard LOL. I am hoping they don’t look like them.

          • Richard Spalding

            Sorry – I like the Preds jersey. And I don’t like Horseradish. :D

          • Rob Dotzler

            Hey, I made and bottled that mustard as a teenager during school breaks. My aunt managed the factory for a long time. Anyhow, you say that like it’s a bad thing. Anything but that slug or black and red design. Black and red look great together, only the Sabres were capable of screwing that up.

          • Richard Spalding

            Darcy’s not going to send you a Christmas card with that attitude!!! lol

  • Andrew

    Prepare to suffer, but hey, here’s a new jersey to buy!