NHL Misses Mark Again With Division Names

As it stands now, the National Hockey League should have just left it alone at Divisions A, B, C, D.  Trying to keep the NHL regionalized in their naming conventions, Gary Bettman and company completely threw out the deep history of the game, and threw up all over the map in their attempt to name the newly aligned league.

The “Atlantic Division”

Having Detroit in the Atlantic Division makes zero sense.  The only teams that really make sense for calling this the Atlantic Division are the Boston Bruins, and the two Florida teams, the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Florida Panthers.  The Montreal Canadiens are a stretch to be called Atlantic, but would be the closest of the three Canadian teams.  I never thought I would see the Buffalo Sabres playing in the Atlantic Division.

The “Metropolitan Division”

Despite the fact that the name doesn’t conform to the geographical standards, it is the National Hockey Leagues way of fitting a square peg into a round whole.  The Carolina Hurricanes and Columbus Blue Jackets make very little sense here.

They may have gotten it right in the Western Conference, where the teams are spaced out a little more evenly.

The Pacific Division and Central Division actually make sense, especially if the league is looking to expand into Seattle and Kansas City – those two cities fit in their respective divisions.

I guess all I can say is I am glad the Sabres aren’t playing in the Metro Division.

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  • http://SabreNoise.com/ Richard Spalding

    Tim – it’s pretty obvious the guys and gals working for the NHL have no idea what they are doing. Detroit in the Atlantic? Metropolitan? Unevenly balanced conferences? Any wrong move they can make, they do. It would be laughable, if I were not a fan of the sport. As it stands, it’s just pathetic.

    • Kevin

      As for the names themselves, I wish they would just gone back to the Patrick, Adams, Smythe, Norris.

  • davidmuscalo

    Tampa Bay is on the Gulf of Mexico, it doesn’t belong in the Atlantic Division either.