Hits and Misses of the Buffalo Sabres Off-Season So Far

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Struck Out Looking: The Mysterious Third Jersey

When the Dallas Stars unveiled their new logo in June, they held a press conference and unveiled their new home and away jersey designs.

Ditto the Carolina Hurricanes.  Neither of these teams made the playoffs, and both teams probably realize that their fans were more interested in the draft and whether or not these teams were going to become playoff contenders soon than they were in a new jersey design.

The Buffalo Sabres have taken the opposite approach, shrouding the “Coming in the Fall” jersey in total secrecy.  Sure, we’ve seen a video that shows some colors bleeding in and images of small portions of the jersey – but no official unveil as of today.  Meanwhile, while teams such as Dallas and Carolina have been actively trying to improve themselves via free agency and trades, the Sabres are attempting to get fans excited . . . about a new jersey, apparently, since they have done nothing else to make fans excited since June 20th.  To me, this is either an act of desperation, or at best a case of complete misdirection: “Hey guys!  We haven’t done much to improve last year’s .500 team . . . but a new jersey is coming out this fall, so you can look forward to that, at least.”   Come on, Buffalo: fans want to see you make the team better, first and foremost.  Done well, the new jersey will sell, but it shouldn’t be what fans are looking forward to the most come fall.  Stop trying to distract us: unveil the design, and move on to the business of assembling a quality hockey team.


 Agree? Disagree? Both?  As always, I encourage you to leave your comments below, or @theamazingMrS.  

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