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Cooler Heads Prevailing, Thomas Vanek Ready To Return To Buffalo Sabres

Thomas Vanek is hoping the Buffalo Sabres made the right moves this off season to at least make some noise this upcoming season.  It seems that in speaking with the media that cooler heads are prevailing; and that Vanek is not upset about the fact that he could be starting the 2013-2014 regular season against a new and younger, largely unproven Buffalo Sabres squad.

Or he could just be putting on a good front.

Either way, Thomas Vanek is preparing for the upcoming season – and will be ready to play, with the Buffalo Sabres if he has to.

The Buffalo Sabres are determined to start the best scorer they have on their roster, the only proven offensive commodity set to wear blue and gold this upcoming season.  Is Vanek speaking honestly with the media in Minneapolis or is he playing a very well played smoke and mirrors campaign putting on a smiling face as is the Thomas Vanek way?

It’s of no surprise the Buffalo Sabres are drawing the ire of many of their fans for not doing enough.  Sure they went big and young at defense at the draft, but what have they added this to this team?  You resigned several of your fringe restricted free agents – and kept John Scott around.  The one RFA that could help this team the most, and Thomas Vanek’s centerman, Cody Hodgson, remains unsigned.

In one fell swoop Thomas Vanek loses his core partner, his neighbor, and now his center?  If you are trying to inspire Thomas Vanek to stick around and sign an extension to his deal, Darcy Regier is doing a bangup job of pushing the void between Vanek and the Buffalo Sabres even wider.

If Vanek is really saying “show me, don’t tell me” in this interview, then Darcy Regier is failing miserably.

Vanek said on locker cleanout day that he has no interest in sticking around for a long rebuild.  The lack of activity in the free agent market by the Buffalo Sabres have been a very telling sign that this is going to be a long, and “suffering” rebuild.



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  • qwicwted

    I think at this point – any team interested in Vanek is in the”rebuild” stage. Vanek has a $7M contract for this year so a lot of the “contenders” don’t have the space. IMO Vanek affected his value when he said he did not want to be a part of a long rebuild. While Vanek probably still wants out of Buffalo, he could do some things to increase his value for a trade – step up and show some leadership, be a mentor for our youngsters and continue scoring.

    Hodgeson will play for the Sabres – most likely sign a bridge contract for 2-3 years. While Hodgeson is a good offensive player, he has some deficiency on defense. From what I understand – he wants to make sure he is considered top 6. Though Cody is young – it is another opportunityfor him to step up and be a leader and start growing that aspect of his game.

    • Timothy Redinger

      Good points on Hodgson…I think both sides are needless dragging out getting him signed. All Hodgson has to do is look at this roster and realize he is going to be a top six guy.

      • 40plusyearsfrustration

        I would agree on this point; EXCEPT it is said GM who we are talking about.
        Yes he has given out some bad contracts in the past. So, is he suddenly deciding to draw a line in the sand with Hodgson???
        It seems a little late now to suddenly decide to hold the line on a salary; considering said GM’s past.
        Or is this a typical said GM’s move to try to go on the cheap for a player???
        With said GM, he has been all over the place on contracts in his past.
        Overpay Connollly.
        Go cheap on Peca, Briere, Drury.
        And the excuse for previous ownership only holds some water.
        Any GOOD GM would stand up for himself when trying to get a good player signed; or he is not worth his salt as a GM.

        • qwicwted

          40+ – Seems like more than just Hodgeson hasn’t signed – Stepan, Kadri, Henrique, Palmeri, and Johannsson haven’t signed as of yet and they aren’t even affiliated with “said GM”. I think these guys are kind of waiting to see what the market is bearing. Stepan might be waiting to see what Zuccarello wins in arbitation or it might be the length – could be a case of one contract setting the tone for the rest. But hey…..there are 5 different GM’s involved – so we just can do the blame game here. On another not 40+ – we overpaid on Connolly and there were glimpses of his potential – Toronto knew his history and gave him him a raise and then didn’t play him. They paid him $4.75M to play on the Marlies.
          Anyway just my 2 cents.

  • PaulR

    Remember, its not the Sabres who wanted to dump Vanek, its he who wanted to leave a “rebuilding” team. I can’t blame him either. But can’t understand the fans who want him gone. He’s the Sabres’ only real offensive threat. I’m glad he’s coming back, and I hope the Sabres can convince him to stay beyond next season.