Apr. 14, 2013; Buffalo, NY, USA; Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller (30) congratulates goalie Jhonas Enroth (1) on a win against the Tampa Bay Lightning at First Niagara Center. Buffalo beats Tampa Bay 3 to 1. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

My Name Is Jhonas

When Jhonas Enroth was drafted 46th overall by the Sabres in 2006, it was made clear that when he was ready, he would backup goalie Ryan Miller.  Fast forward 6 seasons, and now look what we have: a disgruntled Ryan Miller who is 33 years of age and clearly wants out of Buffalo. It is evident that Jhonas Enroth is ready to be a full time starter, and the time is now for Enroth to shine in Buffalo.

This past season, Enroth appeared in just 12 games, posting a 4-4-1 record with a solid .919 save percentage and a 2.60 GAA. His biggest accomplishment however, was leading team Sweden to a Gold Medal in the World Championship, following the conclusion of the season. Enroth showed patience, poise in handling the pressure he faced extremely well throughout the tournament. The timing will never be better for Enroth to be the starter for the Sabres, as he is approaching the prime of his career.

There is no denying the amount of talent that Ryan Miller has, as he is one of the best goalies in franchise history. Over the years, however, he has been known to speak his mind and throw his teammates under the bus. When you have a young team, this is the worst thing that you can have happen. The last thing rookies need is their goalie calling them out. It is obvious that Miller wants out of Buffalo and although he will most likely be with the team come September, I believe he will be traded at some point during the season, yet another reason why Enroth should be the starter.

As we all know, the Buffalo Sabres are in a rebuilding mode and what better way to start a rebuild then by naming a new starting goalie. Miller still has some game left, but is well past his prime, where Enroth is on the cusp of his prime. Ron Rolston loves to develop young talent, and although Enroth is already 25, I expect Rolston to split time with Enroth and Miller, to begin the season at least. May the better goalie win, but don’t be surprised to see Enroth pull away.

Finally, this will be one of the more interesting stories to follow as we near the beginning of training camp. Both Miller and Enroth deserve to be starting goalies, but only one will be satisfied. Based on the position the Sabres are in, and not just his recent success in the NHL, but in international play, all indications point to Jhonas Enroth being the starter, or at least the opportunity to compete for the job.

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  • chas territo

    Trade Miller, yes. He has never won a big game for us! True. Enroth? Maybe, time and starting will determine if he’s the guy.

    • Curtis Marcaccio

      Very true! Gotta give the kid an opportunity!

      • chas territo

        Curtis, I’m glad you agree. It seems because I’m an upfront and outspoken man, many take exception to what I say and come back with insults and name calling. You restore my faith in people. I, thank you for that. I am not happy with our Sabres right now…DARCY REGIER issue! Have a great day.

        • Curtis Marcaccio

          Not a problem! I appreciate your opinion on my article! Have a great day as well.

  • Jacob Breunig

    We need to give the kid a chance, he will never prove to be a starter unless he becomes a starter, and since its “rebuilding” it won’t be a total disappointment if he doesn’t completely work out, we still have Hackett in the wings or can find another next offseason

  • Jes

    Jhonas is King.

    Miller has done nothing since his Vezina year. He let’s in a lot of weak goals for a “Star” goalie. And this isn’t every once in awhile this is basically game after game. Plus he’s a total whiny school girl in his interviews. Remember him in the game vs Rangers last year? Lol, what did he expect after a performance like that. The best of him is in the past now. It’s time for Darcy to swallow his pride and get whatever we can get for him. Which really won’t be much or just let him walk.

    Enroth and Hackett are the future of this teams goaltending.

  • qwicwted

    I agree with starting Enroth. I would like to see Darcy trade Miller – easiest would be Hemsky as it seem Edmonton wants to unload him. Both have one year contracts left – so if Hemsky doesn’t work out – no biggie. And you also get rid of a complainer and possibly a cancer during our rebuild.
    You all can yak about Darcy, but he’s been a pretty good horse trader over the past couple of years – aside from Briere and Drury – unloading Gaustad for a 1st, Kassian and Grags for Hodgeson and Sulzer, Roy for Ott and getting 2 prospects/2 picks for Pomminville is pretty darn good. Last season’s ending rant by Miller and Vanek effected their value and I’m glad Darcy didn’t fire sale them or let them go just to make a trade. Most teams have their rosters and Miller wants to go west – well guess what – the Western Contenders all have their goalie rotation set. Vanek – he’d be smart to sign an extension because I’m sure he doesn’t feel like going to any other clubs that are rebuilding – he also might get lucky and be traded by the deadline.