Step Right Up! What Grade Would You Give Buffalo Sabres GM Darcy Regier?

Here at Sabre Noise, it must be Darcy Regier day, judging by this daily poll and fellow writer Curtis Marcaccio’s look at the GM’s track history when it comes to trades.

Seriously, though, I’m glad Curtis brought up Regier’s name today, because it got me thinking: an awful lot of the comments I get regarding the Buffalo Sabres’ GM are pretty negative . . . except for the fact that he has a pretty good track record in the draft, and, as Curtis pointed out, when it comes to the trades he is able to swing.

Gee: drafting and trading seem like pretty important general manager responsibilities.  If Darcy Regier tends to do at least okay, and at best pretty darn well, in these areas, why do so many Buffalo Sabres fans want his head on a stick? Or at least, want him relieved of his duties?

Mar. 16, 2013; Buffalo, NY, USA; Buffalo Sabres left wing Ville Leino (23) gets a new stick during warmups before a game against the Ottawa Senators at First Niagara Center. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Hmm.   I guess the failure to sign both Danny Briere and Chris Drury didn’t make him many fans.  The fact that he couldn’t build a championship team around the best goaltender in the universe, Dominik Hasek, comes to mind, as well.  Paying Ville “Gotta love my hair” Leino $900 million to play for Buffalo – totally true fact, by the way – may factor into fan hatred, as well as his gi-normous contract to Tyler “I’d rather be fixing my helmet” Myers.  Oh, and the fact that he spent years going after speedy, under-sized finesse players when the league was getting bigger and more physical might contribute to the sentiment that he is not suited for his job.

Okay then!  There’s arguments on both sides, and I don’t have the time to explain them all over again, so I turn to you.  Vote for how well you feel Regier has done, and leave your comments below!!!

What grade would you give Darcy Regier for his years of service with the Sabres?

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  • Sean McGrath

    I give Darcy a solid B-. When it came to drafts and trades, the man hits pretty solid deals. It still gets me that, even though we traded him, the Pominville deal was a gold mine. 4 players for him. Very great. But you make a great point with the seeking of underaized finesse players over the big hitters. Thats why I believe he gets a B-

  • chas territo

    Career? Anything lower than an eff? Last draft? A dee minus. I want him gone!! Tas all!

    • Richard Spalding

      I considered going lower than a F – my kid always says he would give something a Z if he could – but thought it would make me look petty!

      • chas territo

        You son is brilliant and prescient. Lol

  • Thomas Eric

    Honestly he has had his moments but its time for a change he doesn’t take risks too often and the league is changing I feel it’s time to revamp the organization similar to as the bills have done grade for career b- grade for making big trades. A grade for not making the tough trades F

  • John

    For trades and most of his drafting I actually give him an A. Hes done a great job in that dept but the problem is when he pulls off a trade, with who as he over values his players making that a problem and lastly as I see already in the comments he is scared to take a risk. This is were he gets an F for me. He seems like a very smart guy but has to realize everything and everyone wont always give him what he wants.Therefore its his job to do it anyway possible and sometimes wont be perfect for him.

  • 40plusyearsfrustration

    Oh, where to begin.
    First the assumption is that said GM has made all of these fantastic trades and draft picks.
    Lets start on draft picks. Show me other than a couple above average players; ie… Vanek and Miller; where the superstars are that you figure in 16 years, said GM might have gotten at a MINIMUM of “1″.
    Show me the trades where we have a difference maker “Still on the team” Maybe I am missing one, but you would think if one was here, he would stick out as a shining star.
    As to said GM’s last couple of drafts and trades. How can they be considered wins as most of the players have yet to even prove they belong in the NHL. Sure, Ott was a good trade. But most of the rest are maybe’s. Hodgson is an example. He might be a great player.
    Why after 16 years are we STILL saying maybe to our roster? Why is said GM suddenly a genius this year?
    All I see are maybes. Just like the past 16 years.
    Oops, here we go with the cliches; Continue to do the same thing year after year and expect better results. or shall we say INSANITY!!!!
    Bye the way, you can guess my grade…….”F-”!!!!!!!

    • Richard Spalding

      Yeah, I went with a D. I was trying to be objective in the lead-up to the poll!!!

      • 40plusyearsfrustration

        Richard, I do enjoy your articles alot. They make me realize I do care and haven’t lost my passion for hockey and the Sabres.
        Yet, I am just angry as they bumble and stumble along. And at the sizable group of fans who just continue to defend the status-quo, as this desperation is all that seems left that these fans cling to.
        I guess I can only continue to hope.
        Keep up the good work.

        • Richard Spalding

          I appreciate that! I try to keep everyone who comes here informed/entertained, and try to do better every day!

  • davidmuscalo

    The highest grade I will assign Regier is a D minus. He has consistently fielded mediocre teams through ineffective trades and mostly poor draft selections. He has also failed miserable to sign talented RFA’s having lost Drury, Briere and now Vanek and Miller while he throws unearned money at Myers, Leino and Stafford. Too put more succinctly, Regier has poor judgment and lacks the intuition and resource evaluation skills needed to be a successful GM;

  • qwicwted

    You know I would give Regier a B – I think he has gotten us some good talent, but its a question of that talent gelling, having chemistry and luck. I think he has gotten us the most value for Gaustad, Roy, Kassian, Gragiani, Pomminville, Leopold and Reghr. I have to think that Miller and Vanek are still with the team because they (Miller and Vanek) effected their own value by dissing the team and voicing their desire to NOT be part of a rebuild. Miller – while being talented has never really delivered on his hype. He didn’t even deliver a “gold”. With Miller – I get frustrated because he will make difficult saves, but then he gives up a softee. Those are the games he has needed to steal for us. Pommer – horrible choice for Captain and his lack of leadership was evident last year. Yes, we had Vanek, but the cornerstones of our team – Stafford, Roy, Leino, Meyers just didn’t show up and hasn’t for the past couple of years.
    I don’t blame Regier for losing Briere and Drury – that was the philosophy of addition by subtraction, but I will blame Regier on being too patient at times and maybe getting the wrong personnel at trade deadlines (Moore, Torres). I would have cut Stafford and Myers last year. But maybe there is no market for them and perhaps changing the personnel around them will bring them some “life”.
    I look at the mistake other GM’s have made and none are perfect. I’m willing to see what shakes out this year of “rebuld” – might not be as painful as we think.

    • The Man__Oss

      OMG, are you short sighted. Miller didn’t deliver a gold??? Are you kidding? He had the best GAA in the tourney 1.35, 8 goals against in 6 games. He was the MVP. Pick any other goalie to take his place and they wouldn’t even be competing for bronze. Without Miller team USA would have lived up to their ranking. He stole games when the team couldn’t score. You did watch the games, right?
      Yes, Darcy got great value for some of those guys you mentioned, but what about all the guys he gave away or let walk? Look it up the players that walked away for nothing is huge. Cherry picking a couple of trades hardly makes his record exceptional.
      You also shouldn’t blame Darcy for loosing Danny B. It has been reported that the president(Quinn) at the time got upset with a comment Danny made on the air regarding contract negotiations and told Darcy he was not allowed to offer him a contract. In that case, his hands were tied.
      His deadline choices show a guy who hasn’t got a clue on how to build a team on the fly and tweek them to push them into the playoffs.
      Any GM who brings back a guy with multiple concussions and a horrific +/- and virtually no production, to play because he likes the guy on a personal level doesn’t deserve his job. Yes, I’m talking about Hecht.

      Rating Darcy, Draft A, Trades C-, UFA F (Z if it made sense)

      • qwicwted

        Man – that’s what great about this country – people can voice their opinion without prejudice. Personally, I like Hecht and I thought he gave the Sabres all that he could. He was reasonably priced, could play 2 ways and occasionally chip in that “wierd” goal. I had no problem bringing him back last year letting him retire on his own terms.
        And I still don’t think Miller is the “elite” goalie he is perceived to be. Evidently some players get in his head. You know we can knock Darcy, but putting together a SC team involves a lot of factors – chemistry being one and having a healthy team. Look at all the superstars the Pens signed before the deadline and LI gave them a difficult run and they didn’t make it past Boston. A GM can only go so much by statistics – then the other factors take over.