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Daily Dasherboard August 8, 2013

It’s Thursday, everyone!

Unless you’re me.  See, if you’re me, every day in the summer is basically a Friday.  Knowing I don’t have to work the next day, I can spend my day free of the worries of my job, knowing that tomorrow I’m going to wake up and do the exact same thing!  It’s good to be me!

Sorry – that sounded a bit like bragging.  Hey – at least I went out and found these great reads for you!  Onto the links!!!

Every team has ‘em: the intimidator.  Yes, even the Buffalo Sabres have one!   Head here to read a list of every team’s most intimidating player!  [Bleacher Report]  I promise: you’ll get a great laugh out of this article, although I’m pretty sure it was meant to be taken seriously.

Another list . . . and this one kind of goes along with the poll I posted yesterday: the worst GMs in the NHL. [Bleacher Report]  Yep, you’ll want to read this.

Sometimes, the hockey gods are cruel.  Word on the street is that Sabres fans only have three more years to enjoy Rick Jeanneret’s play-by-play over at MSG. [Hockey Buzz] Why don’t you kick us when we’re down???

The guys over at Die By The Blade continue their All-Star Buffalo Sabres team.  This time, they are having you vote on second-line forwards!  Head on over and get your vote on!

Finally, TSN continues their week-long look at the Wayne Gretzky trade.  Check out this article on the kid who was asked to replace Gretzky.  Yeah, that was fair!


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