Harry Neale Gone From Buffalo

It appears that the Buffalo Sabres are parting ways with broadcaster Harry Neale – just after the long time announcer was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame as this years Foster Hewitt recipient.


Neale was doing color commentary alongside Rick Jeanneret – but was demoted last season to a member of the broadcast crew.

Could the Buffalo Sabres have offered him even a lesser position that he refused to take on?  One of my favorite tweets from last year was, “two minutes with Harry Neale is 2 minutes 2 long.”

It is interesting that Harry and the Buffalo Sabres part ways at this juncture in the off season.  Could the bringing on of Dan Dunleavy have something to do with the team parting ways with Neale?

Neale was brought on to the Buffalo Sabres staff to replace Jim Lorentz after the 2006-2007 season ended.

What’s next for Harry Neale?  Possibly retirement – or is there another team in the league looking to cash in on the quality content that is a Harry Neale broadcast?

An interesting move for the Buffalo Sabres as well – they had the chance to come into this season with two Foster Hewitt Memorial recipients doing their broadcast, but instead decide to part ways with Neale.

What says you Buffalo Sabres fans – good move by the team?

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  • chas territo

    Terrible move by a terrible team! I live in Bflo and don’t like the state of our team! See the many hates for Regier and you will understand!

    • Robert Murphy


  • Kevin

    What terrible timing. They could have at least given the guy one more season to be honored for his prestige award. geez.

  • Jes

    Honestly I shut the TV or took a nap when he came on. He was sooooooooo boring. I do think Sabres should have kept him around for one more year, but whatever.

  • lamarred1118

    I really think Jim Lorentz was the best guy to have in the booth with RJ ever! Harry has an unorthodox sense of humor that a lot of fans( and his broadcast mates Robitaille and Ray) just don’t get because he is just too smart for them. Either way a wealth of hockey knowledge cannot be heard on the airwaves here anymore.

    • Nuthatch

      Harry is just too smart for his broadcast mates? Really??
      Thank you for pointing out just how stupid those who don’t enjoy Harry are…(insert eyeroll here)

  • GuyOnABuffalo

    In his day Harry was one of the absolute best, but as he’s aged a lot in the past 5 or so years, and despite still having an encyclopedia for a brain and some great stories, he was starting to lose relevancy in what he said with relation to what was going on in the game. Unfortunately, I feel it’s time for him to retire, as it will be time for RJ all too soon…

  • davidmuscalo

    I don’t listen to broadcasters; they are irrelevant to my enjoyment of the game and actually detract from and interfere with my concentration. When I watch a game, I turn the sound off. This is also true of football which is the only other sport I watch.

    • Timothy Redinger

      Interesting reply David – I have the exact opposite opinion, I feel that a good broadcaster can add dimension to the entertainment value of the game. Sure – they are irrelevant to what is happening on the ice, but they do add something to the game.

      • Michael Packer

        I agree…interesting reply; having lived in SW Florida for ten years, watching the Bolts & the Panthers while having to listen to their play-by-play guys, was absolutely, painstakingly awful; however, a great play-by-play guy (as Rj obviously is) can add….well in my mind I would call it…..another dimension to the game…….For instance……I can still remember listening on the radio to the Sabres game four of the 1993 (I refuse to google it as I believe Im correct, however…don’t bet the farm)……..who could ever forget………MAY DAY MAY DAY MAY DAY……….

        • Craig C.

          I, too, agree – broadcasters make a big difference on how much fans enjoy the games. This is especially true in baseball with the 162-game schedule. Harry will be missed; a man with a great sense of humor.

        • Dan Alpha

          Really? After RJ, I find Rick Peckham (Bolts) to be the best PbP man in the league (including all the Fox, NBC – even HNiC – personnel.) And I watch a LOT of Hockey. He doesn’t have RJ’s “flair” (who does?) but, he’s Hockey-savvy, intelligent, well-measured, and has a great voice.

          As for the unceremonious dumping of Coach Neale, after his (recently) having been honored with the Foster Hewitt Award? Not what one might consider “classy”.

          It could have been handled with a bit more generosity; perhaps a opening-night, pre-game ceremony celebrating his time in Buffalo (and the rich history he’s brought to the league.)

          Like so much else that surrounds this organization, this move is a baffling disappointment.

          • Michael Packer

            I should have said why……..While I certainly realize that the Home broadcaster or play-by-play guy is and should be somewhat more enthusiastic when his team scores….I have never heard an announcer be so unbalanced in his calls and monotone when the opposing team makes a great goal, hit, pass, etc…. There is a few other playbyplay guys that do this but he stands out to me….IMHO for what its worth.. But yeah Dan, Im a die hard Sabres fan and I really and truly thought Pegula would take the team in a different direction……Darcy (and Im not a Darcy Hater per se,) as he has made some great moves/trades and in hind-sight, has been proven that he made the right decision about a few players by not resigning…(Briere, Mckee, Campbell (solely on the $), Mckee) And I do believe he is a good spotter of young talent…Darcy does need to go, but change for changes sake isnt always the optimum choice unless the right candidate if found first

  • Chris Elardo

    Harry was great in his day with HNIC, but at 76 years old it’s time to move on. He did have some great one-liners, though. And for anyone not familiar with Dan Dunleavy’s work, the Sabres got a good one. There’ll never be another RJ, but Dunleavy will not disappoint….oh, and what’s up, Tim?!?!

  • Jsieao

    I’m good with this change. Not a big fan of his.

  • Michael Packer

    I loved it when Harry and R.J. were right next to one another as Color guy and Play-by-Play….I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at the meetings…..As a long time Blue & Gold fan, some of the front offices moves along with the timing of them, leave many a fan scratching their heads…..

  • Jack Lafferty

    A Rob Ray he is not..Thank god. He is a class broadcaster and his banter is a joy. Rob Ray took too many shots to the head and is a lousy analyst. We fans will miss Harry.. Whether 2 minutes or a whole game ..The Sabers are showing what a classless franchise they are becoming.

    • Nuthatch

      Huh…I have to disagree. Politely. Harry drove me up a wall. I found him to be nearly unbearable. He didn’t seem able to keep up with the game being played. His stories dragged & were not necessarily relevant. For me, Rob Ray is a breath of fresh air. He is much more current than Harry, having played recently. His commentary was short & relevant to what was happening on the ice.
      I consider myself a Sabre fan, and I will NOT miss Harry. I never wanted him in the first place. He belonged in Toronto, not Buffalo.

  • B-Mac

    He has been picked up by Leafs TV, back with his old pal Joe Bowen and I’m glad to have him back…him and Joe are a treat together and the voices of my childhood watching Leaf games, glad to have Harry back