Apr. 11, 2013; Buffalo, NY, USA; Buffalo Sabres center Steve Ott (9) before a face off against the Montreal Canadiens at First Niagara Center. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Sabres and Steve Ott Reveal 3rd Jersey

Today Steve Ott reminded us all why we love him so much. Once again today the Buffalo Sabres twitter account sent out a “sneak peek” of their new alternate third jerseys, and like most fans Steve Ott was also sick and tired off all the sneak peeks, so he threatened to reveal the jersey to the twitter world if the Buffalo Sabres didn’t.

Twitter exploded as Ott and the Sabres twitter went back and forth with each other and fans wondered if Ott was bluffing and if this was a publicity stunt set up by the Sabres. While it likely was a publicity stunt, Ott got past #FortKnox and did indeed leak the Buffalo Sabres 3rd jersey. And before you ask, yes they are as terrible as you were expecting.

And the Back…

First of all, a huge thank you to Steve Ott from all Sabres fans and media for putting us out of our misery and showing us the jersey. While it was slightly disappointing not to see a “C” on Ott’s new 3rd jersey, it was nice to finally see what the Sabres have been hiding from us.

Seriously Sabres? What’s up with the yellow? Last time I checked the Buffalo Sabres weren’t the Nashville Predators, do these not look very similar to the Predators jersey’s?

In a publicity stunt likely set up by the Sabres and Ott, the two managed to rope the twitter world into their debate before revealing a jersey almost as bad as the American’s Olympic jersey for 2014. You know a jersey is bad when the back looks better than the front.

Well Sabres’ fans what do you think of the Buffalo Sabres new third jersey? Do you like it? Is Steve Ott your new hero for breaking the rules to put an end to the fans misery?

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  • Timothy Redinger

    I wouldn’t hate it so much if it wasn’t a patchwork jersey, there is no reason to have half the jersey blue and the other half gold. a larger shoulder area of blue…fine, but this is ridiculous. Kudo’s to Ott for taking a stand, or its all just a larger part of the publicity stunt called the Buffalo Sabres.

    • Kevin

      I was thinking the same thing. To me it’s a patchwork piece of crap. What’s with the gray? Disappointing. They could have done better. Maybe they didn’t want to release the whole jersey because they were afraid too. Now I see why.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I’m happy that they kept the basic logo but it definitely looks like a patchwork jersey… it just doesn’t flow IMO

      • Kevin

        I can’t get past the gray, it makes it look like a Nashville Predators Jersey.

        • Caitlin Campbell

          That’s exactly what I was thinking… too similiar to the Preds jersey

  • Drey8686

    I kind of like it.

  • http://musingmaryann.wordpress.com/ Mary Ann

    Ok, Everyone! You Sabres fans, always looking for something to complain about to add to your misery – like you are preparing yourselves to get excited and then have your hopes dashed as per usual. Good Lord, you are turning into Cubs fans! … I LOVE THESE! In fact, I cannot wait to buy one – getting Ott #9 by the way! (Sorry, Cait – No Miller this time!)

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Hey MA, thanks for the comment. Not going to lie, the jersey’s are starting to grow on me and I might actually pick one up too, just to say I have one. But I was also expecting something different with the 3rd jersey… was kind of the instant shock

    • Jes

      I wouldn’t get an Ott jersey until he is resigned otherwise it’d just be a waste. And Miller’s not even worth mentioning.

  • Jes

    honestly this is almost as bad as those red jerseys we had back in the day. They should’ve changed the colors for the third jersey. I honestly loved the goat head jersey. the jersey is basically lame but if we watch most games it’ll start to grow on most of us, cuz hey nobody wants to think bad about there team right?

  • Greg


    • Caitlin Campbell

      Thank you Leafs Nation

  • Spike Bittman

    A) Looks like Pred’s
    B) Looks AHL
    C) Might as well add advertising to it…looks International.
    D) All of the above

  • Spike Bittman

    Forgot, looks like a practice jersey. BUT, I guess Buffalo has been practicing to win the Cup since 70′.