Poll: Which Is Worse; Buffalo Sabres 3rd Jersey, Or US Olympic Jersey?

By now you’ve had roughly 24 hours to look, debate and panic over the new Buffalo Sabres third Jersey. Instant reaction on twitter was the yellow jersey was hideous and the Sabres determined to be the laughingstock of the league made a big mistake. Perhaps the best comment I heard about the jersey comes from our editor and founder TimScreen Shot 2013-09-04 at 12.42.06 PM

“Darcy wanted his players to wear capes but when the league said no he went with the next best option… a blue cape built into the gold sweater ” ~ Tim Redinger

When you look at the back of the jersey you realize that Tim has a point, the back could easily pass for a cape. So in addition to the new “cape like” jersey’s will they change their names to the Buffalo Super Sabres?

In all seriousness, the new third jersey isn’t the greatest, it’s different, out in left field and it sure as heck draws attention, but isn’t that what a third jersey is supposed to do? You don’t want three jersey’s that look the exact same and granted this one has the same basic logo as the regular home and away jersey’s, at least there’s a colour change.

While some are comparing these new jersey’s to the Buffaslug days- which I secretly didn’t mind- the new third jersey is starting to grow on me. They’re unique, different and eye-catching. What I don’t like about these new jersey’s is the fact they are extremely similar to the Nashville Predators jersey’s. Seriously check it out there isn’t much difference.

So my question to all of you now that you’ve had 24 hours to mull over the jersey; Which jersey is worse, the new Sabres third or Team USA’s Olympic jersey’s for 2014? 

Just like the Sabres latest jersey, there was a lot of outcry over the new USA Olympic jersey’s. It’s almost like it’s difficult to please hockey fans or something. The USA jersey’s feature a “Captain America” like shield on the chest, silver stars on the shoulders and fake laces under the neck because “ain’t nobody got time” to do up real laces.

So hockey fan’s you’ve seen both jersey’s, which is worse?

What's Worse: Buffalo Sabres 3rd Jersey's or US Olympic Jersey's?

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