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Poll: Will Cody Hodgson Holdout?

I’m a little embarrassed about how excited I am for Wednesday. What’s happening Wednesday you may ask, well the Buffalo Sabres officially open training camp and at last hockey will be back. The sad thing is the Sabres won’t actually hit the ice till Thursday as the first day is all about fitness testing, but still camp is open and once again Sabres hockey is on the way back. One more day Sabres’ fans, one more day. While I’m extremely excited for training camp to open, I am pretty concerned about the Cody Hodgson scenario.

The Sabres and him have yet to agree on a new contract and unless some miracle happens today, training camp will open without Cody Hodgson having a contract and that means training camp could open without Hodgson.

It’s amazing how bold young players are getting today. Remember when players used to show up to training camp to work hard and earn their role/spot? Now if they don’t like how they’re being treated or don’t have a contract they hold out until they get one that’s too their liking, just play hockey show everyone what you’re worth! But with the infamous P.K. Subban holdout and a looming Nazem Kadri holdout, one can only wonder if Hodgson will consider holding out.

What gives me hope about Hodgson is the fact he already has a bad reputation from his time with the Vancouver Canucks and ever since coming to Buffalo he’s played things cool. He wants to shake the “headache” reputation he has and be known as a solid hockey player. Holding out for a new contract after having all offseason to debate would not be a good thing for Hodgson and his new “low key” style.

Right now the Sabres have Hodgson pencilled in as their first-line centre and having him actually participate in training camp is important to see who he and Thomas Vanek will spark chemistry with. Not to mention a strong training camp would only help his contract negotiations.

My question to all of you; Will Cody Hodgson holdout until he receives a new contract?

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  • qwicwted

    Cat – as we have discussed – Darcy should send a message – Give offer sheets to both Stepan and Kadri. The worst that can happen – teams match or may even give an offer seet to Hodgson. The best case – Darcy signs all 3 – imagine such a core playing with our youngsters.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      If they could swing it imagine Kadri, Hodgson, Stepan with Grigorenko and Girgensons waiting in the wings… wow their future would be set. BUt it sounds like Kadri is inching closer to a deal with the Leafs, they’ve agreed on 2 yrs now it’s just the $$

      • Jes

        Future would be set? Not really, maybe for the center position, but have you looked at how weak we are at wing. With Armia basically the only one who has 1st-2nd line potential. Right now we’ve got Larsson, Hodgson, Grigorenko and Girgensons as centers coming up, adding Stepan and Kadri for our first round draft choice would be dumb IMO.

        • Caitlin Campbell

          The wing is extremely weak, but we can build that up in no time.

        • qwicwted

          Jes – we have Leino, Larsson, Armia, Ennis, Foglino, Hodgson and Ott who play the wing or can play wing – so I adding two true centers I don’t think is a problem.

          • Caitlin Campbell

            Exactly, just have to move players around a little

  • Spike Bittman

    It’s not like Regier is busy doing anything else…just pay the kid.

  • Spike Bittman

    Regier better pick up a couple free agents. No team wins with just young players. Need the mix. Unless that is that they are not trying to win a Stanley Cup. Pretty sure Pegula insisted that was the team goal.