Ryan Miller's New Look - Or Signs Of The Future

The Buffalo Sabres posted pictures on their Facebook Page today, showing goaltenders Ryan Miller, Jhonas Enroth and forward Steve Ott in a photoshoot on the ice at First Niagara Center. 

While it looked like Jhonas and Steve were geared up and ready to go in their home blue uniforms – Ryan Miller’s uniform was largely void of color.

It was very clear that Ryan Miller’s pads, catching glove, and blocker were white – with no hint of color usually present in the equipment of a goaltender.

Sure – there have been goalies who have worn plain equipment before, Dominik Hasek‘s helmet; and who could forget the Latvian goaltender for the Carolina Hurricanes, Arturs Irbe - whose simple white gear were all he donned for game action?

This is could be nothing more than Ryan Miller having not made his mind up on his pads for this season – or that he had to have them sent back to Reebok for modifications.

You can check out the pictures of Ryan Miller here.

Is this a simple mistake of the team scheduling a photo shoot before Ryan Miller gets his new pads that have to match the new specifications – that the league and the NHLPA agreed on back in early August?

Why is Ryan Miller wearing all white and backup Jhonas Enroth wearing what looks like game ready pads?  It could just be a shift in Miller’s strategy – going to an all white equipment set, but as I was talking to a friend – what goalie wears all white anymore?

Ryan Miller was very vocal at the end of last season (when isn’t Ryan Miller very vocal) about his future in Buffalo and the rebuilding process.  Could the all white pads be his way of telling the fans don’t get used to me being in net – as I will be gone by the trade deadline.  I mean really, who wants to wear blue and gold pads when you could be wearing a different sweater.

I don’t take too much stock in the fact that his helmet is painted, as it appears to be the same helmet he wore last season – Miller is not known to change his mask from season to season.

Lots of speculation going on Facebook about this, why the choice of these three players?  Where is Thomas Vanek in the shoot? Have the Sabres tipped their hand as to who the Captain is going to be?  If this is part of the marketing strategy for the upcoming season – are they taking shots of Enroth in case he supplants Miller because of a trade?

So I offer to you our readers – what do you think of the pictures?  A case of reading too much into it – or more bad signs from the blue and gold?  Is Ryan Miller sending message to Team USA wearing white pads only to show he wants to skate in Sochi?

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  • Robert Patrick Moscato

    We all know Ryan Miller won’t be in Buffalo at the start of the 2014-15 season. Why are we talking about just about everything #30 has done since the middle of last season?? Ryan won’t be here either before or after the trade deadline. Knowing that I’ll just enjoy whatever time Mr Miller is in front of the Sabres net,and wish him luck when he leaves.

  • Jes

    Let’s stop talking about this guy already. Darcy if you ever visit these sites get whatever you can for this guy before his stock goes even further to the ground with the season he will be having this year.

    • http://SabreNoise.com/ Richard Spalding

      Ha ha! A bit harsh there, Jes! :D

      Knowing he is playing for a new contract, I would not be surprised to see Miller have a better year than last season.

      • Jes

        I know, I know. I also think he will do good because he wants his spot on the Olympic team right and hell he does want to get paid right? I do wish he does awesome this year so we end up fleecing someone in a trade.

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  • jimbobv2

    The subtle thing that most people missed is that after years of being a posterboy for Reebok, Miller was wearing Vaughn gear in that photoshoot.

    I had seen pictures from earlier in the offseason of Miller rocking what looks to be a similar all white Vaughn set.

    The all white likely is because he’s had the gear for a while and the Sabres were rather open about trying to trade him this offseason.

    To me, it doesn’t mean that Miller is saying “Trade me right ******* now!”, but rather he’s being realistic about the chance that he could be dealt at any time.