Which Buffalo Sabres Player Has The Most To Prove Next Season?

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Tyler Myers, D

Figured I would start with the player who got hit with the double-whammy.  Myers was suffering through a train-wreck of a 2012-2013 campaign when he took a puck to the leg against the Montreal Canadiens, resulting in a broken bone and an untimely end to what was easily his worst season in the NHL so

Apr. 5, 2013; Buffalo, NY, USA; Buffalo Sabres defenseman Tyler Myers (57) and Ottawa Senators center Kyle Turris (7) reach for the puck during the third period at First Niagara Center. Sabres beat Ottawa 4 to 2. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

far.  You know you’ve had a bad season when even something as horrific as breaking a bone in your leg can result in jokes at your expense.  Forget about the fact that Myers actually played the rest of the game with a broken bone – oh, wait: fans already HAVE forgotten that fact.

Tough crowd.

I’m not saying the fact that he suffered an unfortunate injury should excuse him from his terrible play, or the fact that he admittedly was out of shape last season because he thought the lockout would cancel the entire season.   He deserves the blame that has been thrown his way in those regards.  Still, the fact that some people could make jokes out his injury show you just how ridiculous fans can be, and how far from grace he has fallen.  Blame it on his Calder-winning rookie season – he teased us with greatness, and has failed to deliver ever since.  That big, fat contract he was handed hasn’t helped, either.

The stakes are high for Myers in 2013-2014, then, especially when you consider that Buffalo went out and re-acquired Henrik Tallinder.  Coincidence?  of course not.  The Sabres have brought Tallinder in with the sole purpose of helping Myers salvage his game.  If Myers cannot solidify himself as the Sabres #1 defenseman this year, a claim we all thought was a lock back in 2010, there are a couple guys waiting in the wings who would love to give it the old college try.

Worst Case Scenario: Get Used to Healthy Scratches and Trade Bait Come March

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