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Cody Hodgson Re-Signs with Buffalo Sabres

Center Cody Hodgson announced via a Vine video this evening that he has re-signed with the Buffalo Sabres and will remain with the team for six additional years. Reports say that the deal is worth a total of $25.5 million with a cap hit of $4.5 million. The extension come at a perfect time for Sabres fans, as it allows Hodgson to officially attend the Sabres’ training camp, which opened today with off-ice physicals.

Hodgson was an RFA although contract talks had been ongoing, and both sides looked to make a deal before the season began. Hodgson enters his third season with the Buffalo Sabres, having split last year between the Sabres and the AHL’s Rochester Americans. With the Amerks, he had five goals and 14 assists for 19 points in 19 games. Once the lockout ended, Hodgson joined the Sabres, scoring 34 points in 48 games. He had 15 goals and 19 assists on the season.

Unlike some other RFAs, Hodgson’s deal is not a bridge contract. The six-year deal will keep the young forward in Buffalo for a considerable amount of time (and a considerable amount of money) and it’s great to have him back for another season, particularly with training camp getting underway this week, and for the future years. Hodgson could easily be a key member of the Buffalo Sabres core for years to come.

The new contract means that Hodgson will hit the ice Thursday morning with his fellow Buffalo Sabres teammates when on-ice practices begin at 8:45 a.m. Training camp continues through Sunday, when the Sabres will travel to Montreal for the team’s first preseason game.

The 23-year-old Toronto native spent the first few years of his NHL career with the Vancouver Canucks before being traded to the Sabres during the 2011-12 season. The new contract is quite a step up from his last – and a lot of Sabres fans might be scratching their heads at the length of the contract or how much he’ll be making, but rest assured Hodgson will make every effort to prove he’s worthy of it.

He could easily be one of the top centers on the Buffalo Sabres and is overall a solid asset of the team, and will likely continue to be such for the next six years – and hopefully even further.

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  • Kevin

    A very good point to make about him after seeing that he is only 23 and reminding myself of one important factor: This will be his first training camp with a pre-season. I look for a more settled and confident Cody because of the stability.

  • lamarred1118

    Overpaid, he can’t play a lick of defense

    • erico

      give him time. he will learn to play defense. also this 4.25 cap hit will look like a steal for a #1 or #2 center in 3 years when the cap reaches $80M

      • lamarred1118

        yeah, the same thing was said about Stafford a few years ago, time will tell!

        • erico

          ok well if he doesnt add defense too his play he will lose his #1 center spot, wont he? a 4.25 cap hit isnt bad for a second line center. especially for 6 years. he wont drop past 2nd line because of his offensive talent

          • Jes

            I agree with erico. Stafford was all in all a one hit wonder type thing IMO, Hodgson has the ability to be a number 1 guy for awhile. At $4.5 million is pretty base salary for a player of his caliber. Sam Gagner is making more than Hodgson yet he’s not that great on the defensive side of things either. We paid Hodgson for his offense, and his defensive game if improved will just be a plus for us.

          • erico

            i think this is a brilliant move. hes locked up long term for a decent price. besides in 2-3 years we will need cap room for grigorenko, armia, larsson, ristolianan, zadorv, pysyk when these guys become the new core. if we signed him for a bridge and his game improves he would want 5.5+

  • qwicwted

    I like this contract as it ties him up for 6 years instead of 2. Essentially he is a main part of the core and he just needs to improve on his faceoffs and defense. I had read that Cody didn’t want a bridge deal and was looking for a longer term contract. Now if only Vanek would commit, be “the man” and wear the C – we’ll be in pretty good shape.

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