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Daily Dashboard September 12th, 2013

Ryan Miller

Today is a good day to be a fan of the Buffalo Sabres. The Sabres take to the ice for their second training camp session and Cody Hodgson has finally signed a new contract. In case you haven’t heard already, Hodgson will be sticking around Buffalo for the next 6 seasons at roughly $25.5M. Be sure to keep it tuned to SabreNoise for all the latest news regarding the Sabres during training camp and reaction from the Hodgson signing.

Before the Sabres take to the ice for the first time since the end of their regular season, be sure to check out the Daily Dashboard for the latest in the hockey news.

The Florida Panthers are pretty desperate for a solid starting goalie. Just how desperate are they? They have invited both former Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas and former Flyers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov to training camp. So which goaltender is the better bet? [Bleacher Report]

The rebuilding Buffalo Sabres show up for training camp with Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek for now. [The Spec]

Apparently Dan Cleary to the Flyers isn’t 100% written in stone, he may be heading back to Detroit. [Pro Hockey Talk]

Stan Bowman will be staying on as the Chicago Blackhawks GM for the next while, likely due to the Stanley Cup he just won. [NHL.com]

Which players could be playing their last in the NHL? [Spectors Hockey]

The move to Dallas has apparently changed Tyler Seguin… he’s going to pass more! [Sports Day]

Check out the Eastern Conference storylines heading into the 2013-2014 season. [Puck Daddy]

Also Ryan Miller will be featuring a new goalie mask and is going with the colour white for gloves and pads

And the pads…


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  • Matt Nolan

    I beleive the goalie pads have been shrunk for this year which could completely skew the goalie stats I wish someone could do an analysis of that situation to see what goalies are more likely to thrive and which ones will have a drop in stats I beleive the good goalies will have t o really prove themselves as there will be less pad aid ex Marty brodeur has typically used smaller pads than the allowed size but still rocks I think miller could be one who excells

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I’ll look into that idea, if it’s feasable/I can find enough data I’ll put up a post about it. Thanks Matt

  • Kevin

    hahaha The Panthers MUST be not only desperate, but out of their minds to invite Thomas and Bryzgalov into camp. Good luck with that.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      It’ll be interesting… I don’t think either goalie has actually shown up as of yet