Buffalo Sabres Trivia Challenge #9

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Tomorrow the Buffalo Sabres are finally back on the ice in-game action. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so excited for a pre-season game, but the rookies are reason enough to be excited. Today is the ninth installment in our Buffalo Sabres Trivia Challenge and it appears yesterday’s question was a little too tough for people as there were no answers submitted. So we’ll go a little bit easier on y’all today.

The answer to yesterday’s question

Q- Which player currently on the Sabres training camp roster was drafted by the team in 1999 but then re-entered the draft in 2001 after the Sabres did not sign him? Also, which team took him in the 2001 draft?

A- Mike Zigomanis was originally drafted by the Buffalo Sabres in 1999, but the Sabres did not sign him so he re-entered the draft was taken by the Carolina Hurrincanes in 2001. 

Today’s question

Q- Which former Buffalo Sabres player now has a famous coffee shop in Canada and throughout North American named after him?

You can submit your answer for today’s question to one of two places. Tweet it to @Hockeylife30 or post it as a comment below this post. Best of luck!

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  • lamarred1118

    Timmy Horton was the strongest guy I ever saw play hockey, nobody escaped the bear hug once he got them.

    • Kevin

      Oh come on! Every yankee knows the answer to that one. :D

  • Joe Mazurkiewicz

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAy to easy.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Then you should submit an answer…

      • Joe Mazurkiewicz

        OK!!!!!! Lets see…Starbu…..no…..Dunc..no…….TIM HORTON!!!!!!!! LOL

  • J Daniel

    Canada’s own…Tim Horton. Join me for a cuppa!