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Ryan Miller is A Top 20 NHL Goaltender

On Monday ESPN released their rankings of the top 25 goaltenders in the NHL. As you would expect Jonathan Quick and Henrik Lundqvist were atop the list and Tuukka Rask, Sergei Bobrovsky and Pekka Rinne round out the top 5 goaltenders. In case you were

wondering, the Buffalo Sabres number one netminder Ryan Miller was also on the list. ESPN ranks the Sabres netminder 14th on the list.

While 14th on the list may not sound like a lot for a former Vezina winner and Olympic MVP, considering the last couple of season’s 14th isn’t bad for Miller. He ranks just behind the likes of Carey Price and Mike Smith and is ahead of goalies such as Braden Holtby, Cam Ward, Jonas Hiller and Martin Brodeur.

So does the ranking mean that Ryan Miller is viewed as an average NHL goaltender? Perhaps, but it also means that Miller is still ranked near the top of  NHL goaltenders. Is Miller the best goaltender in the NHL? No, not even close at this point. But it also means he isn’t anywhere as bad as people think. If you put Miller behind some of the teams the netminders in front of him have the pleasure of playing in behind, I’d imagine he’d be a little higher on that list.

Here’s the great thing about Miller, whether you want to believe it or not, his best years are arguably still ahead of him. You look at goaltenders like Lundqvist and Craig Anderson, who are both in their 30′s and performing quite well. Goaltenders are different from forwards, it often takes them longer to mature. At 33, with an Olympic year on the horizon Miller could be entering the best years of his career.

With a career .915 Save Percentage, Miller may not be as bad as most think. He’s had a rough couple seasons, and what netminder or player doesn’t? But according to the experts, Miller is still in the top 15 of NHL goaltenders and that’s not horrible considering some of the goaltending talent in the NHL today.

What do you make of Ryan Miller being ranked in the top 25 of all NHL goaltenders? Anything or nothing?

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  • Kevin

    To his defense (no pun intended) the last few years teams in front of him haven’t been very good either. If you can’t put the puck in the net, it puts extra pressure on your defense, which puts extra pressure on your goaltending. Scoring goals is everything.

  • chas territo

    Caitlin, Your settling again! Miller should be glad he’s only ranked at 14, I Think based on how UN well he plays that is a ranking based on his over hype not his ability!