Buffalo Sabres Trivia Challenge #14

Wow 3-0 in the preseason, at least the beginning of the 2013-2014 Buffalo Sabres has gotten off on a good foot. It may not mean anything quite yet, but I am still extremely excited for the future of this hockey club and I hope you are as well. On to the latest editon of Buffalo Sabres Trivia.

Yesterday’s Buffalo Sabres Trivia question

Q- In the 1974 NHL draft Sabres GM Punch Imlach was annoyed at the process and pulled a fast one by drafting this player. Who was the player and what was wrong with the player Imlach drafted?

A- Punch Imlach drafted Taro Tsujimoto after he became annoyed with the draft process. The only problem with drafting Tsujimoto was the fact he didn’t actually exist. Thus became the legend of Taro Tsujimoto. 

Crazy how Punch Imlach was able to make up a player and a team in order to strike revenge on the NHL, but that’s just the type of person Imlach was. If you pissed him off you were going to pay. Imagine if Darcy Regier had the guts to pull something like that off in a modern-day draft? Imagine the look on the “insiders” faces.

On to today’s Sabres trivia challenge

Q- Name the only player to score on their very first shot as a member of the Buffalo Sabres.

As always you can submit your answer to one of two places. As a comment to this post or tweet it to @Hockeylife30. Best of luck with the latest Sabres trivia challenge

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  • thomas

    Brad boyes

  • Michaell

    Steve Ott!

  • Dano Jaye

    I THINK it would have been Denny Hamel. I know it was his first shift in the NHL, dunno about first shot. I do know that in weeks prior in his first game in Rochester, he had a hat-trick.

    I was at both games.