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Buffalo Sabres Shifting Captain Role Needs To Land On Christian Ehrhoff

Through three pre-season games, the Buffalo Sabres have been led by two different captains.  Thomas Vanek has worn the C twice so far.

Head coach Ron Rolston has said he will continue to rotate the captaincy throughout training camp and the pre season, before awarding one person the job prior to the start of the regular season.

Applications for the role are welcome.

I am glad that Ron Rolston has said he will name the captain.  There is a progression in the world of hockey, the president or owner hires the general manager, who brings in his coach, who names his captain – its how a system is built.

I am not in the locker room, nor at team meetings.  I watch practices – I see games.  I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, nor do I pretend to.   Having said all that – I don’t want Thomas Vanek to be the captain of a ship that has started out with water in the bilge of the ship – waiting to sink further or rise above the wave.

It’s not that I don’t like Thomas Vanek – on the contrary.  I love the skill that he brings to the game, and I love the fact that he can park himself in front of an opposing goaltender and take an absolute beating from opposing defenseman.

With only one year remaining on his contract – it’s just not wise to saddle him further with the addition of the C on his sweater, no matter how many Sabres you adorn it with on your patchwork alternate sweater. If the young Buffalo Sabres don’t look in Thomas Vanek’s eyes that things are progressing quickly – Vanek will most likely be shipped out of Buffalo.

The same could be said about Steve Ott – with only a year left on his contract – would be want to be burdened with the added responsibility that the captaincy brings. Ott will always be a leader, its just his style. He doesn’t need an adornment on his uniform. In fact, everyone that I have spoken to about Ott thinks his game would change for the worse if he was made the captain of the team.

I don’t think there is a forward on this team that can lead the Buffalo Sabres into the future. Christian Ehrhoff needs to be tagged as the Captain of the team, he has a long term contract, he is an older player; and he is a presence for the younger players on the team.

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  • Matt Nolan

    I think we should trade enroth nobody wants miller at his number I agree ehrhoff would be a good captain however I think vanek should take it as long as he stays

    • Timothy Redinger

      We may be able to get more value from trading Enroth – Hackett appears to be ready, and Makarov could back him up. If your looking to go full on rebuild, going in with rookie goaltenders helps you inch closer to the top pick in the draft.

    • Jes

      Your nuts guy. Trade Enroth and choose a goalie that is on the downward end of his career. And honestly this year Miller will kick butt, after that he will just be in another slump as usual. Let’s not forget Miller I playing for two things this season one an obvious contract and second a spot on the Olympic roster. Miller has vastly been overrated since the Vezina year, and is no longer a top 10 goalie.

      Enroth is on the upswing of his career and nothing but good vibes coming from him. Hackett is ready for the NHL. We are rebuilding. There is no need at this point to keep Miller in a Sabres uniform, but Vanek? Yes!!! Hope he resigns. Miller basically said his goodbyes last year. He will be dealt this year sometime or will be leaving via free agency. Unless Darcy is stupid enough to offer him $6+ Million again then maybe he will stay otherwise nope sir.

      • qwicwted

        Jes, I agree with most of what you say, but I am sitting on the fence with Enroth being a #1. I am more comfortable with what I have seen from Hackett. Enroth is only 5’10″ – would be the smallest goalie in the league, Secondly – he has problems with his rebound control. I’m not saying we should keep Miller, but essentially he is stuck in Bflo due to his vocalizing his wishes – let’s face it…..he lowered his trade value which was unfair to the Sabres by letting it be known that he wanted to go west and didn’t want to be part of a rebuild. So, Miller needs to play lights out to make the Olympic team and also build his value up. I also see Hackett jumping over Enroth as the #1 once Miller is gone. Enroth is a solid #2 and although he did lead Sweden to a championship last year – he’s still a #2.

  • qwicwted

    I don’t mind giving the C to Vanek if he makes the committment. Either Vanek wants to say or go – pretty simple question. He’s had sometime to work with the “kids” and formulate his thoughts. He either want to be “The Man” and lead this team – make it his own, or he is ready go. We have youngsters ready to step up and fight for a roster position – most have been leaders on the teams they have played for – so there is a maturity already instilled in them.
    If Vanek is not going to stick around – give it to Enroth until Girgensens is ready to wear the C.

    • Timothy Redinger

      can’t give the C to enroth officially. Rule 6.1 states: No playing Coach or playing Manager or goalkeeper shall be permitted to act as Captain or Alternate Captain.

      • qwicwted

        Thanks Tim – I really didnt’ mean Enroth – I meant Erhoff. I guess I wanted to make sure you all were reading lol

        • Timothy Redinger

          That makes more sense – no worries, I have made those mistakes too.

  • Jes

    C = Vanek
    A = Ott
    A = Ehrhoff