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Buffalo Sabres Trivia Challenge #20

Who rolled out of bed this morning with a smile on their face after the Buffalo Sabres defeated the Columbus Blue Jackets last night? Sure it’s only preseason but a win is a win and I’d rather see the Sabres winning in preseason than losing. Not to mention if the forecast does turn out for a painful year in Buffalo, at least the preseason has given fans a glimpse of the exciting future.

Can you believe this is our 20th Buffalo Sabres trivia challenge? The season kicks off in just 6 more days, so you will have just a few more opportunities to climb the Sabres trivia challenge leaderboard. We’re on the home stretch, making a mad dash for the playoffs, let’s give it all we’ve got.

The answer to yesterday’s Buffalo Sabres trivia question

Q- Who was the very first player the Sabres traded in 1969 and what was he traded for?

A- The Buffalo Sabres traded Roger Lafreniere away for cash in 1969.

Today’s Buffalo Sabres trivia question

Q- What controversial call ended the Buffalo Sabres Stanley Cup bid in 1999 and who was the guilty player?

As always you can submit your answer to one of two places. Send a tweet to @Hockeylife30 or post it as a comment below this post. Best of luck!

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