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Buffalo Sabres Drop Final Preseason Game Against Hurricanes

Who’s ready for some regular season hockey? According to the effort of the Buffalo Sabres in their final preseason game, they are definitely over the preseason. The Sabres fell 1-0 in their final preseason affair at the hands of the Carolina Hurricanes as they finish the preseason 4-2-1.

For a team forecasted to have a rough 2013-2014, the Sabres actually had a decent preseason showing. Of course that was mainly against

rookies and other incomplete teams, but still preseason wins are preseason wins. But, if the Buffalo Sabres put forth the effort they put forth in tonight’s game, they may want to mail in the season. The Sabres were held to just 7 shots through the first 2 two periods, yes you read that correctly in 40 minutes of action the Sabres managed just 7 shots. There was a stat during the 2nd period when the Sabres had just 6 shots, that Nathan Gerbe alone had recorded 5. Last time I checked you needed shots to score goals and goals to win hockey games, with just 7 shots through the first 40 the Sabres won’t win many games.

Besides the loss in the final preseason the game, the Sabres may have yet another rookie out with an injury. Nikita Zadorov left the game with a hand injury after blocking a shot and will be “re-evaluated”. For Pete’s sakes, Sabres, stop sacrificing the promising rookies in these meaningless preseason games!

Ryan Miller looked solid between the pipes, allowing just 1 goal on 30 shots and killing off all 5 penalties in the loss. Steve Ott had the honour of wearing the “C” for the final preseason game, but Rasmus Ristolainen stole the show on the night. Ristolainen played just over 20 minutes, throwing 3 hits and blocking 2 shots. His poise on defence is phenomenal and the Sabres would be wise to keep him on the Sabres blue line come Wednesday.

The Sabres went 0-4 on the powerplay tonight, bringing their preseason total to 1-23. The Sabres will need to get their powerplay rolling with the regular season right around the corner.

All in all it seemed like this was a “mail-it-in” game for the Sabres tonight. Just 18 shots on net and 0-4 on the powerplay, the Sabres just didn’t seem to have the effort for this game tonight. The Sabres preseason has now ended and they will be cutting down their roster to 23 players sometime before Monday. The Sabres will take on the Detroit Red Wings on October 2nd to kick off their regular season.

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  • Ben Chalker

    That’s pretty disheartening…
    Hood to know Gerbs is doing good though. I liked him when he was a Sabre.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      It was a rough game… not too much optimism follows a rough game.

  • chas territo

    Caitlin, Gotta love your optimism even when it’s flawed/screwy/dream/fantasy, I could go on, but I wont.1st comment is…EVERY single game matters reg. and pre! In the pre-season, it’s not just about finding who works well with whom. In fact pre-season games define what the team will represent. Cowardly, fearless,cohesiveness and a myriad of other things. They went 4-2-1, in the pre-season right? Big whoopie! They played a team last night that probably had their full complement of player and got 18 shots on goal! 18?? Then as many years past, the power play, the same PP that should be the PNP! Power-Not-play!Their goals for was shoddy at best! Do you see a trend that seems to be an every year thing for us and them? So C-lin, why so optimistic for them?

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Sorry Chas, I didn’t think this post came across as optimistic. They played a horrible final preseason game and will need to step it up. I’m optimistic in the sense this will be a fun season to watch with the rookies, not cup or playoff optimistic.
      And yes their sucky powerplay seems to be a solid trend

  • Kevin

    It’s about execution, take last night for instance. How much of it was the Sabres poor execution as opposed to the Hurricanes great execution? The Sabres could know the other teams whole game plan, but they still have to go out and execute to stop it. Execution takes effort and discipline, those are the qualities that should be drilled into their heads.

  • davidmuscalo

    The Sabres finished the preseason just the way they finished the regular season in April: Unable to score, uninspired play and poor defense (Miller made 17 stops in the first period alone). I hope the reason for the poor showing last night is because Rolston was experimenting with different line and player combinations, because if that is not the reason, we are in for a very long, painful season.