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Buffalo Sabres Trivia Challenge #21

Welcome back to the 21st edition of Buffalo Sabres trivia, a series we’ve been running on the site to help get you pumped up for the Sabres regular season which is just around the corner. hopefully y’all have been enjoying the Sabres Trivia, only a few more days left in the challenge so be sure to keep participating.

Yesterday’s Buffalo Sabres trivia question.

Q- What controversial call ended the Buffalo Sabres Stanley Cup bid in 1999 and who was the guilty player?

A- The controversial “no-goal” call because of a foot in the crease which went against the NHL rules ended the Sabres Stanley Cup bid in 1999. The Guilty player was Brett Hull.

This was the closest the Sabres have ever come to glory, how Sabre like eh? A controversial call by the league going against the blue and gold.

On to today’s Sabres trivia.

Q- Who recorded the first play-off hat-trick in Buffalo Sabres history and what team was it done against?

As always you can submit your answer to one of two places. Post it as a comment below this post or tweet it to @Hockeylif30. Best of luck on today’s Sabres trivia

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