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Poll: With Latest Injury is Ville Leino officially a Bust?

The start of a new season and it appears to be the same old for the Buffalo Sabres and Ville Leino. Just when Leino is poised for a big season in which he will finally earn his massive paycheque he get’s hurt and sits on the shelf. On Thursday head coach Ron Rolston announced that Ville Leino had cracked a rib in Wednesday’s opener against Detroit and will be out indefinitely.

Aside from the fact we lose his offence, the worst thing about Leino being injured is no one ever knows how long it will take for him to “fully” recover. His injuries seem to heal a lot slower than normal, can’t wait to see how long he’s out for now.

Acquiring Ville Leino was as simple as the old mantra; “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”. When the Sabres faced the Flyers in the 2010 playoffs, Leino was a major contributor for the Flyers and scored the OT winning goal to tie the series at 3. You know the rest, the Sabres lost in-game 7 and haven’t been back to the playoffs since. Darcy Regier thought that since Leino was so good against the Sabres in the postseason he would most definitely be a great addition for the Sabres and help them in the playoffs, but he’s been nothing but trouble since signing.

In the last two season’s since signing with the Sabres Leino has played less than 80 games in blue and gold- and no not because of the shortened season. Leino signed a 6 year deal worth $27 million but has spent the majority of the first two season’s battling injuries and many are calling for him to be bought out. Once he’s healthy again by the end of the season he is the perfect buyout candidate.

Most notably Leino spent the majority of last season on the IR and was limited to just 8 games, on the positive he did record 6 points in those 8 games but the Sabres could have used that production all year. The injury does open up a spot for Johan Larsson to draw into the lineup as he will fill in the centre roll on the a line with Tyler Ennis and Steve Ott while Leino is sidelined. If Larsson plays well enough maybe he can force the Sabres hand at a buyout, it’s time to get rid of the injury prone forward.

It’s safe to say that since Leino signed his massive contract as a free agent he hasn’t lived up to expectations and he just can’t seem to stay healthy as he appears to be made of glass or straw. It’s become the Sabres worst nightmare, a Tim Connolly 2.0. Ville Leino seems to be the perfect example of why you don’t sign a play after just one good season, anyone can get lucky right?

Today’s poll question; Has Ville Leino become a bust for the Buffalo Sabres?

Is Ville Leino A Bust?

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  • wolfdoctor

    A $4 million salary and $4.5 million cap hit. Jeesh, for $6 or $7 million we could get a star. Cut our losses ASAP.

  • Sean McGrath

    He is the only proven playoff performer that we have on the roster. I know playoffs are a long shot and we need help to get there, but he also has the ability to produce in the season. Chalk this up to bad luck and let him get healthy and then see where he can take us, we obviously got him for a reason, let him show us.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      fair enough but he’s got to stay healthy in order to get and produce in the postseason. Can the Sabres put up with his lackluster production and still succeed in the future?

  • Dano

    This is actually a GOOD thing for the team. It opens up a spot for a youngster thats waiting in the wings.

    Leino had 1 good outing in how many years? Look at the talent he had with him at the time.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I agree it’s good to get Larsson some ice time while Leino is on the shelf

      • Dano

        Just keep Larsson on the roster and when Leino is healthy, Scratch/Waive/Trade/Buy him out.

        If its a money thing, WHO CARES! 4 million a year for a fragile as glass player whom may or may not produce or a 1 million a year rookie that can develop? Its a no-brainer IMO.

        • Caitlin Campbell

          Gotta go with the rookie

  • lamarred1118

    Trade his rights, eat half of his salary, along with McNabb or Ruhwedel to Anaheim who seems to be in the market or a young D man for Silfverberg. Leino and the Ducks might be a good fit, we get an excellent young forward in return.
    Hell I can dream can’t I?
    Realistically the best option might be to put him on long term IR or PUP for the majority of the season to free up cap space.

    • Jes

      Wow man u are truly over valuing McNabb’s, Ruhwedel’s and Leino’s worth. That package will no way in hell get you a future star in Silfverberg.

      I’d think something like Miller, Adam, McNabb, and Ruhwedel to Oilers for Yakupov. We pick up around half of Miller’s salary.

      • Justin Tosczak

        Your right on the parter, and your probably right with Yakupov. But I also disagree with you under validating our own players. Miller could bing in Yakupov alone almost… If not, gagne would be the next target.. There is now way a 4 for 1 player is going down. Mayyyyybe miller Adam and a pick if needed to sweeten the deal because DR has lost respect of the other Gms of the league… But then again, my opinion.

  • Jes

    Is that even the question to be asked?
    s Ville Leino a bust?

    You shouldn’t even be asking that question. His first season with us was horrendous, and last year when he only played 8 games that’s when he was labelled a bust.