Oct 4, 2013; Buffalo, NY, USA; A general view of the pre-game light show for the game between the Buffalo Sabres and the Ottawa Senators at First Niagara Center. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Sabres vs. Pittsburgh Penguins: Fan Prediction Thread

Buffalo Sabres fans: are you not entertained?

Last night’s game against the Ottawa Senators was the most fun I think I have ever had watching the Sabres lose, so much so that I had no problem overlooking the fact that the Sabres played a bit sloppy and failed to score on the power play yet again.  The game was a back-and-forth affair all night long, and watching Ryan Miller and Craig Anderson make save after thrilling save was worth the price of admission.

Now, the question is, can these young Sabres continue to play like that on the road in Pittsburgh tonight?  And will they finally get their first win of the season?

As exhilarating as last night’s game was, the way the Penguins play hockey, tonight’s game could be just as up-tempo, the only difference being that the red light is almost certainly going to flash a bit more frequently than it did last night.   Whoever is in goal for the Sabres tonight, be it Miller or Jhonas Enroth, will be extremely lucky to leave the Consol Energy Center having allowed only one goal, so the Sabres’ offense cannot rely on its goalie to duplicate last night’s performance.  The good news?  Marc-Andre Fleury is no Craig Anderson, so if they play as aggressively as they did last night, they should be rewarded for their effort.

Three questions to consider:

1. Who gets the start in goal for the Sabres tonight?

2. Which Sabres player will score his first goal of the season tonight?

3. Who wins tonight, and what will the final score be?

Leave your answers to these questions, or any other predictions you may have, below!  Jump into the conversation and keep it going up until game time, and go Sabres!

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  • http://SabreNoise.com/ Richard Spalding

    Sadly, as much as I think the Sabres will find the back of the net twice tonight, I think Pittsburgh sends the Sabres back to the 716 with an 0-3 record. The Sabres did play Pittsburgh tough last year, but I still feel the Penguins score 4 tonight. Hope I’m wrong.

    • Kevin

      Unfortunately it looks like Miller could be out. They called up Hackett, so I assume Enroth will get the start. That’s the way I am reading into it anyway. I mean they haven’t come right out and said he has an injury, however, let’s hope it’s more precautionary than anything. Sucks about Tallinder, Good grief, seems every game they play someone is lost to injury. My only question is: Why did they call up Sulzer when McBain was sitting right there waiting to come in and would been a more than ample replacement?

      • Jes

        I dunno what they are thinking with the defensemen thing. McBain IMO is much better than Sulzer. And played waaay better in the preseason as well. Ahhhh well it is Darcy.

        • Kevin

          Wow! I’m not sure it was because McBain and Myers didn’t mesh or what, but he looked terrible IMO. haha Hindsight is 20/20 maybe Sulzer would have done better.

  • Travis Hoh

    I think Millsy gets the start in net tonight after last night’s extraordinary performance – hopefully Rolston is smart enough to stick with the hot hand.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Ott gets his first goal of the season…on a penalty shot. I may be crazy – but hey gotta believe!

    Sabres will still lose however, 2-5. Sid the Kid will have 2 goals and an assist.

    I REALLY hope today is opposite day and someone just didn’t tell me…

  • Toms Freibergs

    Buffalo Sabres made a new fan here from Latvia, hope Buffalo will win the game despite all the facts !! I’ll watch the game here at 1:00AM .. GO BUFFALO!!

    • http://SabreNoise.com/ Richard Spalding

      Atta boy! Hey: Girgensons is the real deal, worth staying up for!!

    • Jes

      Awesome brother. Welcome to the land of the Swords (lol can’t believe I said that.)
      Girgensons is a beauty, him and Grigorenko will kick butt very soon.

  • Jes

    1. Miller will get the start again. After two very strong showings he’s earned it no matter the 0-2 record.

    2. I think Grigorenko, Flynn, Myers, Vanek and Girgensons will all get goals tonight. 4 o the 5 getting there first goals of the season.

    3. I have a feeling Sabres win tonight. They usually in recent memory anyway play well against a stacked Pens team. Final score I believe will be 5-4 Buffalo in OT.

    • http://SabreNoise.com/ Richard Spalding

      You’re already a prediction down, now that Enroth is getting the call! I’m sure Miller would have gotten the start had he not sustained an injury, though.

  • Kevin


    Brian Flynn
    Pittsburgh 4-1

    • http://SabreNoise.com/ Richard Spalding

      Ouch. That’s rough. ;D

      • Andrew

        He was close.

  • Ben Chalker

    Do we know how the lines look for the game?
    I’d be interested to get peoples impressions of how Larsson played in his first game.

    • http://SabreNoise.com/ Richard Spalding

      I think most people were impressed with Larsson. Problem is, he’s buried on the 4th line right now.

  • Justin Tosczak

    Watching the game right now. 2nd intermission. And all I can say is I love it when I am right. Zemgus is our man. However, tough to win a game when your best player is a rookie power forward… However, if we can all rally behind Z maybe we can have a big 3rd come back… P.s. How do we fix the power play?

    • http://SabreNoise.com/ Richard Spalding

      I wrote an article last week on How to Fix the Power Play, now that you ask! Zemgus is great. Why is Larsson on the fourth line, though? Hmmmm. He always seems to get something going when he is out there. We need a true power forward, too – some hulking beast who can just camp out in front of opposing goalies and battle for pucks against the boards.