Sabre Noise Podcast: Fan Questions!

Okay, Buffalo Sabres fans!

Later today I will be preparing the fifth installment in our Sabre Noise Podcast series here, and while there is a lot for me to talk about, I don’t want the show to me driven solely by the topics that I want to talk about, or the topics that I think you want me to discuss.

No, I’m a little more democratic than that.  A little, mind you!  I am always interested in hearing your thoughts on this site, which is why I often spend more time in the comments section than I do under the hood of the site itself!

Because of that, I am going to publish a post for every future podcast that is designed to give you the chance to throw some questions at me that you would like to hear me and the staff of writers here at Sabre Noise discuss in the podcast.  A few rules to adhere to, if you will humor me:

1. Try to keep all questions related to either the previous week’s slate of games, or the current week’s schedule (in other words, don’t go back in time five weeks and expect me to remember what the hell you’re talking about!).

2. Keep the questions related to either the Sabres, or a team they have played/will played recently/soon.  As much as I love the NHL, I cannot follow every team.

3. Don’t come after me if I don’t use your question right away!  I actually plan on keeping track of which readers I answer, with my goal being to not keep relying on the same readers over and over.  if I don’t answer your question this week, chances are good I will in the next 2-3 podcasts.

As always, thanks for reading and listening, go Sabres, and leave your questions/observations below!

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