Buffalo Sabres 3 Stars: Tampa Bay Lightning

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Wow, what a hockey game tonight in Buffalo. The Buffalo Sabres for the first time this season came to play and it made a big difference. Right from the first shift the boys were flying and even Drew Stafford looked like a solid hockey player. But because it’s the Buffalo Sabres they still managed to waste a fantastic game and are still win-less after 4 games.

Despite the loss there were lots of positives to draw from this game. First and foremost the Sabres scored a powerplay goal, actually they scored two of them. Yes, you read that correctly the Buffalo Sabres scored two powerplay goals in one game. Another positive, the Sabres actually scored 2 goals tonight and they managed to wrestle a point out of tonight’s 3-2 OT loss.

Here are our picks for the three-stars and a dud from tonight’s Buffalo Sabres game.

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