Buffalo Sabres 3 Stars: Tampa Bay Lightning

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Wow, what a hockey game tonight in Buffalo. The Buffalo Sabres for the first time this season came to play and it made a big difference. Right from the first shift the boys were flying and even Drew Stafford looked like a solid hockey player. But because it’s the Buffalo Sabres they still managed to waste a fantastic game and are still win-less after 4 games.

Despite the loss there were lots of positives to draw from this game. First and foremost the Sabres scored a powerplay goal, actually they scored two of them. Yes, you read that correctly the Buffalo Sabres scored two powerplay goals in one game. Another positive, the Sabres actually scored 2 goals tonight and they managed to wrestle a point out of tonight’s 3-2 OT loss.

Here are our picks for the three-stars and a dud from tonight’s Buffalo Sabres game.

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  • Jes

    1. Enroth – He’s ready for the #1 job.
    2. Hodgson – Great game
    3. McBain – Was great on the PP and ok when it was 5 on 5
    Honorable mention – Vanek – got a couple points not bad. Foligno – nice debut.

    Grigorenko has played pretty well through the first 3 games. Tonight’s game where he got put on the 4th line is a huge reason why he wasn’t playing that well. You know how much a demotion like that could effect the play of player as young as Grigorenko? A line of Flynn Grigorenko and Girgensons will produce here and there but won’t produce like you want it to. Grigorenko needs to be put with top notch players Girgensons is still learning and Flynn is honestly average on his best nights. I wouldn’t mind seeing Hodgson and Grigorenko switch spots. That top line has honestly done nothing either. Hodgson and Vanek have really only looked good on the PP and that was only for tonight’s game.