Buffalo Sabres Game Day: Fan Prediction Thread!

It’s game day, Buffalo Sabres fans!

Wait – come back!  We’ll win one, honest!

Oct 4, 2013; Buffalo, NY, USA; Buffalo Sabres head coach Ron Rolston watches from the bench against the Ottawa Senators during the second period at First Niagara Center. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Has an 0-3 start ever felt as bleak as the current one we’re witnessing?  Feels more like 0-30.  However, I am trying to remain upbeat and positive about this year, as it promises to be a huge first step in the development of players such as Zemgus Girgensons and Rasmus Ristolainen (among others).  It won’t be easy, as losing tends to take its toll on you, as does the constant harassment and cyber bullying many of us will be forced to endure.

But I will soldier on!  And try to fake enthusiasm by using lots of exclamation points!

Seriously: tonight the Sabres square off against the 1-1 Tampa Bay Lightning at the First Niagara Center, in one of those games that someone has to win!  I know lots of you have predictions to share about the game tonight, but here are a few thoughts to chew on in case you require inspiration:

1. Which Sabres player scores his first goal of the season tonight?

2. How many goals will the punch-less Sabres offense put up on a Lightning team not known for its defense?

3. Can the Sabres finally break through on the power play?

Let’s get the conversation started – leave your opinions to any of the questions I have posed, or just freestyle and do your own thing!  I’ll try to jump in as much as I can throughout the course of the day, so enjoy, and go Sabres!

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  • http://SabreNoise.com/ Richard Spalding

    I’m hoping to see Hodgson show up tonight, he of the new four-year deal. Be nice to see him play D, but I’ll take a goal, instead. I honestly think the Sabres can score 3-4 goals and win tonight. Seriously!

    • Jes

      Honestly I haven’t seen a player that was this bad at defense turning his defensive game up. He is young but we pay him to score and assist so defense right now is an afterthought.

      • http://SabreNoise.com/ Richard Spalding

        I’ll forgive his lack of defense if he helps us score, certainly!

  • Andrew

    My prediction:

    PAIN. (In Mr T’s voice)

    3-1 TBL

    • Jes

      I pity the fool

      • Andrew


        • http://SabreNoise.com/ Richard Spalding

          You’re quoting Stallone, now?

          • Andrew

            The quotes are both from the same Rocky movie!

          • http://SabreNoise.com/ Richard Spalding

            Ah, you quoted Mr. T. from Rocky III. I forgot about that flick; I default to the A-Team for Mr. T.!

  • Caitlin Campbell

    I agree Rich, it’s time for Hodgson to elevate his game tonight. He was given a maintance day- despite not actually doing much… time for him and Vanek to become game changers and you know score a goal. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the Sabres will pot 3 tonight. Bishop has looked shaky and the Lightning are known for offence. if Miller is between the pipes and can weather the storm we should get our first win tonight. Hopeful thinking I know.

    • Jes

      King Enrorh I believe will get the start tonight.

      • Caitlin Campbell

        Yeah hearing Enroth will be between the pipes. King?! That’s a little drastic for a netminder who’s only played 53 NHL games.

    • Michael McBurney

      I’d agree Sabres are due more from Hodgson in the offense dept., but FYI – he got the “maintenance day” because of the shot he blocked on the PK last game. Maybe you missed it, but he limped off afterward. Seeing how he finished the game I figured it was just a good stinger until Rolston’s explanation of the maint. day for a “lower body injury”.

      Anyway, it’d be good timing for either Hodgson to finish to Vanek’s setups or Vanek to finish Hodgson’s setups. Ott on their line doesn’t do much and obviously neither did Stafford. I’d like a glimpse of what Girgensons looks like with them – that 2-way bundle of energy might be a good fit.

      Then slip Larrson back into the lineup; the kid looks to be a good push for Hodgson. Could see a 1C/2C with Larrson/Hodgson flipping back ‘n forth depending on the opposing team and which is having a good on game.

      • Caitlin Campbell

        I did miss the Hodgson shot block, thanks for the update. Hopefully he kicks it into another gear tonight with Vanek. I’d love to see either Girgensons or Foligno see some time on the top line, they had great chemistry with Foligno during the preseason.
        I can’t stand that they have Larsson stuck on the 4th line… kid is so much better than that. That being said he’s not 1st line material just yet and he might not even be 2nd line yet either. 3rd line is a solid place for him right now

        • Michael McBurney

          Vanek/Hodgson kicking another gear offensively would be sweet (and about time!), but to a certain extent I put that more onto “C/A” Vanek – as the vet and leader he should, and has to be, the pusher. Don’t get me wrong, I like Hodgson and respect the 2C money deal he took for a long rebuild, but I see him stepping back from being the pusher outta respect for his linemate the vet and C/A of the team (either it’s respect for Vanek or Hodgson doesn’t have that extra in him, I dunno yet?).

          Larrson on the 3rd/4th just kills me. As much as I like Hodgson, I envision Larrson could be the future 1C and would love to see him push at Hodgson’s heels this year. I can only fathom that mgmt/coaching wants to hold him back re: being so young and not wanting to hurt his development (physical or otherwise) by pushing him into men’s play?

  • Sean McGrath

    1) Hodgson
    2) Optimistically I think 4 goals
    3) Yes I think the powerplay is on the verge of breaking through, one of the goals will come on the PP!

    • davidmuscalo

      What power play?

  • Timothy Redinger

    I think Buffalo has the ability to get the offensive ball rolling tonight against Tampa – but they are going to be outgunned again…..if they can’t contain the shot total as in the first three game, its going to be a 4-2 win by the Lightning.

  • Jes

    I think we will win 5-4 in Ovvvvvverrrrrrr Time
    1. Foligno X2, Hodgson, and Grigorenko all get the first of the year
    2. We will score 5 against the lightning I believe.
    3. Yes, we will score 2 on the PP tonight.

  • davidmuscalo

    I am going to go against the grain here and my own desires and state that the Sabres aren’t ready to win a game yet. I don’t think they will win their first game at home judging from their poor showing at home last season. They seem to play better and coordinate their efforts more often when they are playing in hostile arena. Also, their inability to score exposes their lack of high-quality scorers on the team. They have Vanek, Hodgson and now, Girgensons who are reliable scorers; the rest have to get real lucky to get the puck in the net. I can see this team, as it is now constituted going 0 and 10 before winning a game through a Herculean defensive effort and outstanding performance by Miller. Folks, Regier has seen to it that our team is the Edmonton of the East.

  • Jes

    Does anyone confuse Pysyk for Leopold. I always think hey why did we reacquire Leopold and why is he playing so good? Lol I looked it up even though they wear the same number they are the exact same height and almost the exact same weight. haha

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