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Daily Dasherboard October 12, 2013

The Buffalo Sabres and New Jersey Devils remain the only two teams in the National Hockey League without a win.   With a

day off yesterday from game play – the Sabres take on the Chicago Blackhawks tonight.  Will they remain winless or get their first two point effort?

It is a good thing that Terry Pegula can drill another oil well if he starts running low on cash – because his horrible hockey team is starting to feel the effects of bad on ice product at the ticket office. [Sports Media 101].

If not having a sold out crowd was the first indication, the number of empty seats by the third period was another good indicator.  [Buffalo News].

Whats wrong with the Buffalo Sabres?  That my friends is the million dollar question [Yahoo Sports].

Smaller goalie pads and trimmed down nets haven’t increased scoring like the NHL wanted – how long before the NHL tries going to international ice surfaces? [SI.com]

Broken back for one high school senior, but the hockey world rallies to keep his spirit from breaking.  [ESPN].

Tomas Hertl – show boat or the real deal?  Is it really offensive for a guy to show off his talents if he is not named Sidney Crosby or Alex Ovechkin? [Sporting News].

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  • lamarred1118

    Be careful what you wish for Sabres fans, if Dorky gets fired by Terribly Peculiar, what genius is going to take his place, Kevin Devine? Or maybe hire a national figure that has GM experience like Mike Milbury? Possibly Jay Feaster when he gets fired in Calgary or Paul Holmgren after he finally gets booted in Philthy? The Brian Burke and Jim Nill types won’t be available for a long time and Mr. Peculiar chained his wagon to a lame, sickly mule.
    That is what suffering is, the prospect of the Groundhog Day syndrome of professional hockey, if that is what they call what they’re playing actually is.