Oct 12, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford (50) makes a save on Buffalo Sabres right wing Drew Stafford (21) as defenseman Brent Seabrook (7) and defenseman Duncan Keith (2) are nearby at the United Center. The Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Buffalo Sabres 2-1. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Sabres Drop Sixth Game In A Row, Fall 2-1 To Blackhawks

The Buffalo Sabres (0-5-1) traveled to the United Center tonight to face the Chicago Blackhawks (3-1-1), suffering a hard-fought 2-1 defeat.

Ryan Miller was in between the pipes, facing Corey Crawford in for the Hawks.

Oct 12, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Buffalo Sabres right wing Drew Stafford (21) and Chicago Blackhawks right wing Ben Smith (28) fight for the puck during the second period at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The first period started with both teams taking their turns firing on net. Chicago seemed to have all the tools in the shed out for the start, being able to record shots left and right. Buffalo was again sluggish to start offensively.

Finally, something had to give.

After a battle in the corner, Chicago’s Brandon Bollig came out with the puck and sent it to Duncan Keith. Keith passed the puck over to Brent Seabrook who wristed the puck towards the net. Ben Smith was able to get a piece of the shot and tipped the puck past Miller at 9:26 of the first period.

At the end of the period, Chicago led 1-0 and 20-6 in shots.

At the start of two, the Sabres had a very different change of pace. Being able to generate some chances had a great effect on the Sabres lacking offense. However, only able to shoot 10 times on net still hindered the Sabres goal scoring.

And again, the Blackhawks struck again.

Buffalo native Patrick Kane took advantage of a late penalty assessed to Rasmus Ristolainen. With 25 seconds remaining in the second period, Kane took a cross ice pass from Patrick Sharp, and Kane was able to wrist the puck into the open net.

The buzzer sounded, and the Blackhawks led, 2-0.

The third period looked the most promising of the three. The Sabres came out gunning right from the faceoff, and threatening the Blackhawk net was just what the team needed.

Finally, the crawling offense  struck, and on the stick of Drew Stafford.

On a rush, Cody Hodgson slid the puck across the slot and found Drew Stafford streaking up the left side of the ice. With a flick of the wrist, Buffalo had cut the lead in half, and the Sabres were hungry for more.

A last ditch effort found the Sabres pulling Miller for an extra attacker. The fought and shot and tried everything they could to produce but no luck. Buffalo controlled the shots in this period, going 13 shots against the Blackhawks 3.

Unfortunately, one was all that could be allowed.

At the horn, the Sabres were still unvictorious. Falling 2-1 in this heart racing finish.

Miller faced 40 shots tonight, and turning away 38 of them. Crawford faced 29, turning away 28.

A notable player tonight was Alexander Sulzer, who made his first appearance since his knee injury last season. Sulzer was on the ice for about 20 minutes total.

The Sabres face former Sabre Jason Pominville and the Minnesota Wild on Monday night at 7:30PM.

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  • Vic Soga

    I guess we will have to wait until Monday if Regier gets fired. It would be a great Canada Thanksgiving Day for us Canadian Sabre fans. 0 for October. Scary bad.

    • [email protected]

      I sure hope he is on the chopping block, the team that Regier has put together for this “rebuild” doesn’t even look promising.

      • Kevin

        They won’t get rid of Regier. He will be sitting in the chair until he is nothing but bones before they get rid of him.

        • [email protected]

          I just can’t comprehend why at this point. I really really can’t. Rebuilding a team should mean more than just the players, clear out the staff as well. I’m just so disappointed with the Sabres right now, and it sucks.

          • Kevin

            I know joey, I do have patience with the young guys and love to watch them grow, and I still have a level of patience with the team considering they haven’t even played 10 games yet and with just 1 win they can jump 3 spots in the standings. However, Regeir has the cap room to make a trade and bring someone in to make a difference NOW. I don’t get it.

          • [email protected]

            Because he won’t execute a trade unless he feels he is getting the better end of a deal, at least that’s what I think. Also, he said we would “suffer”…wouldn’t want to go back on a promise like that!!

    • Jes

      Didn’t he get Pegula’s blessing to start a rebuild? Doubt he gets fired, rebuilds take at least 3 years, so IMO he’s here for another 3 years.

      • Vic Soga

        Wasn’t that blessing given when Mr.Pegula became owner? Three years is up. Also he gave his blessing to Ruff and you saw what happened to him. Three strikes and Regier is out. First strike – signing underachieving free agents, second strike – not making the playoffs and third strike – 0 for October. Hopefully the Sabre fans show more class than the Leaf fans by not chanting “Fire Regier” during the game. Booing the players only work on Halloween.

  • Vic Soga

    Should Buffalo trade Miller and Myers to Edmonton for Hall and Yakupov? Sabre defence would be Erhoff-Pysyk, Tallinder-Ristolainen, Zadorov-McBain, Weber as the 7th.

    • wolfdoctor

      The Sabres would do it but I doubt Edmonton would.

  • qwicwted

    The key is if Miller is willing to go to Edmonton – he can name 8 teams he doesn’t want to be traded to and I bet Edmonton is one of them. What I noticed about the Sabres is that it seems they are just shooting the puck to get it out of their zone – they are not passing or they are making passes based on the hope that someone will get there. I’m a little disappointed that Johan Larsson is only playing 5 minutes – I think he needs his playing time increased. Grigorenko – did n’t even notice he was in the game. Darcy really should have brought another vet in – someone like Morrow to help lend some guidence, leadership and mentor our youngsters.

    • Vic Soga

      Why do you think 11 other teams passed on Grigorenko in the 2012 draft? Too slow and no hockey sense. I am a big fan but I am disappointed in Steve Ott so far this year.

      • wolfdoctor

        It seems like Grigorenko does everything in slow motion – skating, passing, shooting, checking.

      • qwicwted

        You know Vic, maybe a package deal with Grigorenko and Miller might just make some sense – I could see a Miller/Grigorenko/Stafford deal for Labarbara/Hemsky/Yakupov. Labarbara would be a salary dump, Yakupov is in the dog house and was benched, and they have been trying to trade Hemsky for the past two years. Miller at least would give them goaltending for the year, Grigorenko and Stafford might benefit in a new environment and Hemsky/Yakupov might benefit in Buffalo. Key is – would Miller be willing to go to Edmonton