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Buffalo Sabres Three Stars Vs. Minnesota Wild

Don’t worry I’m not going to say it, I won’t use the dreaded “S” word which has become the theme of the Buffalo Sabres to start this season. But once again the Buffalo Sabres drop another one-goal game falling to 0-6-1 on the season and I know Jhonas Enroth has been solid, but he has to have at least one of the two goals he allowed tonight.

In typical Buffalo Sabres fashion former captain Jason Pominville- who didn’t receive any recognition from the Sabres- scored the game winning goal for the Minnesota Wild. He also spent lots of time talking to Thomas Vanek and Ryan Miller before the game, perhaps convincing them to join him in Minnesota?

Anyways let’s not dwell on another loss or the fact that the Sabres set the franchise record for the longest win-less start to a season, let’s focus on the positives as we take a look at the Buffalo Sabres 3 stars from tonight’s game.

First Star- Brian Flynn 

The veterans on this team have not stepped up to the plate to kick off this season, instead it’s been the younger players giving it their all. Flynn has been one of those players who hasn’t taken a night off and is apart of the Sabres best line. Is Brian Flynn a superstar? No, but you have to give him credit for what he’s done early on.

Tonight he scored the Sabres only goal and 7th on the year and that alone earned him the title of 1st star. But when you look at Flynn you see a determined young player. He flies all over the ice, lays hits and most importantly is making plays alongside Mikhail Grigorenko and Zemgus Girgensons.

Second Star- Zemgus Girgensons

Zemgus Girgensons continues to be one of the best and most consistent

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players for the Sabres early on. He may not be scoring heaps of goals but he’s making an impact and impressing a lot of people. Tonight Girgensons was a force on the Flynn goal, using his size and speed to keep the play alive so Flynn could capitalize.

Perhaps what was most impressive tonight was Girgensons defencive play late in the third period as Dany Heatley led a 2-on-1. Girgensons hustled back and instead of tripping or hooking Heatley and taking a penalty, he gave Heatley’s leg a slight shove with his blade causing the Wild forward to fall. Girgensons was not assessed a penalty and the Wild didn’t score. It was an extremely smart play by the young Girgensons’ to make that late in a game.

Third Star- Mark Pysyk 

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Choosing a third star for tonight’s game was no easy task, I mean there were so many players to choose from. Thomas Vanek, Cody Hodgson and Drew Stafford were all scoreless and failed to play any kind of defence. Tyler Ennis and Marcus Foligno also failed to pot a goal and the majority of defencemen had a rough game. I was debating giving it to Hodgson who did play a solid game but his lack of effort on the penalty he was going to take leading to the 1st goal changed my mind.

Instead I’m giving it to Mark Pysyk who played yet another sound game on defence. Pysyk has been one of the best and most reliable guys on the back-end and shows tremendous upside. Pysyk played another solid game on the blueline and continues to impress all.

The Buffalo Sabres play again tomorrow night as they face-off against the New York Islanders seeking once again their first win of the season.

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  • Vic Soga

    These three rookie stars worked their butt off. Looks good on the veterans. Grigorenko and Weber must go.

    • Jes

      That’s dumbest thing I have ever read. I can understand Weber, but Grigorenko is a F’n rookie. Seriously get off the guys back. The way your talking you might as well get rid of Barkov maybe he’s the reason for the Panthers struggles? Or maybe Ristolainen of Sabres not like he’s done shit? jeesh
      Grigorenko was one of 4 players with a plus 1 +/- rating tonight. His line along with Girgensons, and Flynn were really the only bright spots on forward tonight.
      Some of our beloved Sabres fans got to find another player to have labelled as a scapegoat; for this so far horrible season. Guys rookies can’t do much unless it’s a Tavares or Crosby. You guys are blaming a guy who is still a teenager for a team that hasn’t done shit from the get go. Obviously there hasn’t been good coaching or management from above. So that’s where you can start with your finger pointing, and then the veterans. Rookies don’t get blamed. They are boys among men.

      • Vic Soga

        Jes, just keep watching Grigorenko and watch him sit again within the week. He was not involved with the Sabre goal as he was standing on the opposite side of the goal and had a better look than the referee. He was also replaced a couple of times by Larssen. He is too slow to play center. Grigorenko really is not a rookie as he got his feet wet last year and should have made more of an impact this year. Why was he sent back last year? 8:57 of ice time and 11 shifts does not look like a third line center. He had his chance this year and last year playing with Ott and Leino until Leino got hurt.
        Hey Jes, why don’t you go to the game and swear at the veterans instead of on this site.

        • Andy

          Why was he kept beyond his tryout last year is the most pertinent question. Probably because Sabres fans desperately need someone to hang all hope on. Now we’re stuck dealing with the reality that he is A piece, not THE piece. I think people see his size and wonder how he’s not NHL ready, but you see his interviews and he’s clearly just a kid! Any responsible management would have taken it slow and steady with a talent like Grigo, but we’ve got Pegula talkin Stanley Cups and throwing money at people, and Darcy promising roster spots in the middle of the summer. A total farce.

          • Caitlin Campbell

            It’s too early to lable him a bust… give him another 2 season’s before making a full judgement call on him. He hasn’t been playing well but there’s lots of time for him to pan out still

          • Jes

            Yup coaching and upper management have to be blamed. Sadly Darcy ends up finding his long lost brother in the Sabres head coach so basically Rolston is here for ummm probably next 14 years or so lol.

        • Jes

          LOL hahaha he got a chance with Leino and Ott? Hello!!! Leino got hurt in the first period in the very first game of the season. Leino played hurt the rest of the game. An unhealthy line isn’t going to do much. At least when the main wing is down. He got all but 10 mins to show what he can do with that line. That isn’t even nearly enough time to get a chance. And 25 games in a well shortened NHL season with a coaching change and no training camp isn’t exactly what the doctor ordered. And did you see who Ruff had him playing with? John Scott. Even though John Scott is an elite winger and could pot about 80-100 points a season (Dunno if you know that was sarcasm) he couldn’t turn Grigorenko’s game around even on the 4th line, LOL!! Like common guy do your homework next time.

          Why? Some people on here just don’t get. Blame Mikhail for this and that. Hello, have you seen his line? A center of only Crosby and Tavares could get that line going. Flynn and Girgensons are a good tandem but that’s third line material on most teams right now. Move Hodgson down and move Mikhail up then see what he does. Not gonna do much with basically an all rookie lineup.

          • Vic Soga

            First of all you got more excuses than a Leaf fan has for 36 years. Second of all who was Grigorenko playing with last year and pre-season this year? Didn’t he try to play with Ott and Leino last year until Leino got hurt again?How we did he do? I can’t remember. That is why he got sent down to the fourth line and sent back to Junior. Third, how come he doesn’t play on the PP this year? He did a couple of times but Ron Rolston doesn’t like him. Have you read Rolston’s comments lately about Grigorenko? Fourth, Jes, are you a season ticket holder and how many games did you see live this year and last?Fifth, You will see Grigorenko next year in a Sabre uniform.

          • Jes

            1st of all those are all legitimate excuses dude. Not one is any lesser than the other. Any smart coach would understand that. If Babcock was the coach of this team and Holland the GM Grigoreko would have been brought up properly, most likely next year. Regie humped the pooch on this one.

            Leino got hurt last year like 5 or so games in. That’s not enough time, good thing your not a coach.

            Ya man I’m a season ticket holder. I fly down from British Columbia to Buffalo every other day, sometimes even drive to watch this team play (Sarcasm).
            What’s the point of you even bringing the season ticket holder thing up? It’s really got no need in this conversation lol.

            Who cares what Rolston says, the guy can’t get results from anyone on this team let alone Grigorenko.

            Fifth, I will or won’t see him in a Sabres uniform next year? Do not know what your getting at with that statement.

            But whatever I’m done with you keep blaming a kid for the Sabres abysmal start. Maybe later in the year you can blame Ristolainen, Zadorov, and Armia. Happy trails my friend.

      • Richard Spalding

        Jes, you are feisty! :D I’m not overly impressed with Grigorenko myself, but I am willing to be patient for now because you are right: he’s still a boy playing a man’s game.

        • Jes

          Lol you know it Richard. Gotta be to get your point across these days.

      • Caitlin Campbell

        I agree with Jes, we have to give Grigorenko time. Has he been playing great, no… but it’s not time to give up on him quite yet.

  • Sean McGrath

    Sabres didn’t set the record, they tied it, but if we play like we have been and Tavares has a field day on us. We will set it tomorrow haha

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Thanks for clearing that up Sean… they will set the record tonight haha

  • Jes

    Disagree with you about Enroth. What goal should he have got? Both those shots were pretty solid. And our own defense was screening him on both goals I believe on the rush. Your boy Miller wouldn’t have gotten neither of those goals.

    1. Enroth – Played great, absolutely got no help.
    2. Flynn – A goal YAAAAAY!!
    3. Pysk – Played great defensively.

    Honorable mention – Girgensons, Grigorenko that whole line was pretty good this game.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Jes to be honest he should have had both goals, they were both stinkers. First one was a weak wrist shot from 20 feet out and the second one he dropped and couldn’t get over to cover the top corner. With 9.7 seconds left that was a back breaker.
      I think Miller would have had the 2nd goal.

      • Jes

        I dunno about that Caitlin, 7 fast tape to tape passes before that last goal goes in. Doubt many goalies get that one.

  • Andy

    I agree that Girgensons has played well, but his backcheck on Heatley…that was a missed call by the ref, NOT a good defensive play. Good hustle, but giving someone’s leg a shove with their blade causing them to fall is a trip! (and a good recipe for a knee injury) From the replay it looked to me like he was going for the puck and accidentally tripped Hany Deatley.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      He barely touched Heatley, the guy dove. It was a smart play by him IMO.

      • Andy

        I can’t find video of this at the moment, so I’m going off of my impression form last night, but I’m gonna have to respectfully disagree with you that Heatley dove. I read in your description that you have played some hockey, so you must know how easy it is to go down from an unexpected push on the back of the skate/leg. But yeah idk, i’d like to see the video again, but I know last night I was surprised there was no call. In any event, Go Sabres! Also there are 11 other games to turn to tonight when the Sabes get hard to watch :)