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Poll: How Many Games Will Patrick Kaleta Sit?

As Tim pointed out earlier today, Patrick Kaleta had a hearing with the NHL’s department of player safety this afternoon and the mood around the NHL is that Patrick Kaleta could be out of commission for awhile.

Kaleta’s latest infraction is based off a hit- or a near hit- from the game against the Columbus Blue Jackets last week, in which he

appeared to be targeting the head of Jack Johnson. Kaleta only clipped/missed Johnson and avioded a very dangerous situation on a dirty hit. Johnson was not injured and Kaleta was not peanalized but none-the-less the NHL took exception to the incident and Kaleta is about to do the time for his crime.

I missed the original hit but after seeing the replay of the incident Kaleta does deserve a suspension for a classic blindside hit in which the head was the principal target. Kaleta, as everyone know’s is a repeat offender and as we’ve learned Brendan Shanahan doesn’t usually go light on repeat offenders or anyone wearing a Sabres uniform. Kaleta has a long history of dealing with the NHL disciplinary and is no stranger to suspensions with his latest last seaosn after he hit Brad Richards from behind.

I guess the good news with this incident is that Kaleta missed his check, had he actually made contact things could have been worse. I don’t know whether Shanahan will look at the intent as well as the result or just throw the book because it’s Patrick Kaleta, but once again he’s in the NHL’s doghouse. When you watch the hit you can see there was intent to lay out Johnson and that won’t bode well for Kaleta.

The question Sabres’ fans need to be asking is not if he’ll get suspend but rather how long he’ll be suspended for. My question to all of you, how many games will Patrick Kaleta sit? Also, what did you think of the hit? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Dano

    This is a HUGE problem with the league and a LOT of the ‘ new fans ‘.

    “Kaleta is about to do the time for his crime.”. I would ask ‘ what crime? ‘.

    Ovechkin throws quite a bit of hits and Boarded Daniel Brier so hard it opened the door to the bench. Suspension? Brier was out quite a few games from that one. Ovechkin is a star though..

    Kessel goes chopping people with his stick. Im not talking about John Scott, Im talking about a player from Philly.. But hes Phil Kessel, a star player..

    I could EASILY name 5 or 6 incidents in which one group of players do the same thing and yet, the league, doesnt do anything to them.

    The real problem is the players have let the league dictate the game to them. *IF* Kaleta would take a run like that at one of my teammates while I was on the ice.. he would have received a Marine Corps beating and I guarantee he would always remember it.

    The players ARENT ALLOWED to hole each other accountable anymore. The ‘ Instigator rule ‘ took that all out of their hands. The most they can do is cry in the media or Shannaban and Bettman will see to it that those opposing their views get a few games suspension just for opening their mouths ( but under the guise of something that happened on the ice ).

    Heres the real problem though :

    “Kaleta does deserve a suspension for a classic blindside hit in which the head was the principal target.”

    Prove it. Can you ( or anyone of us ) read minds? Its your OPINION, but Cait, your skates arent on THAT ice, Your not Kaleta, Neither am I. But we should all be guilty until proven innocent according to some..

    This is exactly why people like John Scott and Colton Orr STILL have a place in the game. Granted, Fans dont like them because they believe ‘ time out ‘ or a suspension is a better option. But as has been shown, you can suspend them all day long and they come back and do it again.

    Get rid of the instigator rule and the Rats wont have a home much longer.

    These problems were taken care of on the ice at one point and it worked out well. Star players ( like Princess StevieY ) could skate all day long and not have to worry about a Kaleta running them. They didnt have to look over their shoulders or really keep their heads up.

    The Rats are going to rule this league. They have already started to take over and Shanny and Bettman dont even realize how much damage they have done to the game.

    What I could only hope for is Kaleta gets some ridicules number of games, builds a huge grudge and comes back and runs some super-star type player..

    There was no penalty called. Why have Refs then? If Bettman and Shanny can do it all in their office, why do we need them ( refs )? Are they not given a position to make these rulings? Can they not give someone the gate for such an act? It would appear that Bettman and Shanny dont want the refs making these calls or they WOULD. They have that ‘ authority ‘, right? I’ve been tossed from a few games for language alone, I didnt even run someone.

  • Doug Lansing

    he won’t get enough, as far as I’m concerned he could sit 75 games.

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