Oct 15, 2013; Uniondale, NY, USA; Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller (30) makes a save during the first period against the New York Islanders at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports Buffalo Sabre

Sabres at Islanders: 3 Stars


Surprisingly, the Buffalo Sabres earned their first win of the season, in their 8th game, in overtime against the New York Islanders tonight. In my opinion, the Sabres three stars were:

3. Drew Stafford

Yes, I admit that Stafford is someone that I wish the Sabres were trade away. I do not feel that he puts forth an honest effort most nights, and he is wildly inconsistent. Stafford does indeed have hockey skills, but the fact that hockey is not/ was not his first life choice or interest raises questions.

Against the Islanders, Stafford generated some scoring chances, including a great chance where he had a fairly wide-open net, but fired the puck wide. Stafford gets a nod from me here because he was doing something most of the team has not been doing this season – standing in front of the net. Stafford provided an excellent screen in front of Evgeni Nabokov, which led to Marcus Foligno’s first goal of the season. He also picked up an assist on the first goal by Tyler Ennis.

2. Marcus Foligno

Foligno put forth a balanced effort, skating hard, and providing some energy to the team. He was rewarded with his first goal of the season, which tied the game with 2 minutes left. Hopefully, the goal will spark Foligno to better performances moving forward. He is the type of player that could be a difference-maker for Buffalo, due to his physical play and offensive potential.

1. Ryan Miller

The Islanders fired 44 shots on Ryan Miller, and he stopped 41 of them. In my opinion, any goalie who makes 40 saves or more in a game should automatically be the first star. Miller held the Sabres down not only in regulation, but also in the overtime and the shootout.

Miller is not only trying to make a strong push to be the goalie for Team USA in the 2014 Olympics, but he is also playing for a possible big payday in his contract year, and auditioning for a position on another NHL club. Despite his record moving to only 1-4, he is holding a sparkling .940 save percentage after tonight, which places him 5th among NHL goalies who have played 5 games or more.



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  • Jes

    1. Ennis – Played great in basically every game including this one.

    2. Myers – Finally looking like the good Myers, still a long way to go but he’s looking good. Only reason why Foligno got that game tying goal.

    3. Miller – Ya he made 40 saves but honestly IMO SV% is just a number what we should really be looking at is GAA. Great SV% isn’t gonna get you in the playoffs. Just look at Brobovsky and the Jackets from last year didn’t do much for them kept them in the hunt but wasn’t enough. GAA IMO is the important one.

    Honorable Mention
    - Foligno – First game IMO he’s actually showed up.
    - Ennis – His effort finally paid off.

    PS – Unless Stafford notches at least 2 goals in a single game he won’t be anywhere near any of my top 3. LOL.

    Question for you Andrew, your real last name isn’t Amerk is it? Because if it is that would be pretty awesome haha.

    • Andrew

      I disagree. Save percentage provides a better stat for how the goalie is doing overall.

      A goalie who lets in 3 goals in 10 shots in a game is not equivalent to one who lets in 3 goals in a 40 shot game…

      • Jes

        3 goals in on 40 shots or 10 shots when the dust settles a loss is a loss. GAA is the only difference between those losses being wins.

        • Andrew

          A goalie who is stopping 94% of the shots he faces is giving you a better shot to win than one stopping 70%.

          • Jes

            Better percentage means nothing on the ice IMO. A loss is a loss not matter your SV% to be 94 or 70%. I’d rather have a goalie who stopped 8 of 10 shots (80%) with a 2.00 GAA than a goalie who stops 41 of 44 shots (93%) with a 3.00 GAA. That’s one more goal allowed by the 2nd goalie on a much better SV%.

            GAA is what it’s about IMO.

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