Are The Buffalo Sabres Finally Ready to Give Darcy Regier the Boot?

Do you believe in miracles, Buffalo Sabres fans?

How about Christmas in October?

Because if you believe in either of those two things, my friends, you may be onto something!

So what the hell am I talking about, you ask?  Only this:

Sportsnet (Canada) released a report last night that indicated that Buffalo Sabres GM Darcy Regier may be on the hot seat.

Hmmm – maybe I should have encouraged you to have a friend standing by with smelling salts before I dropped that bomb on you.

According to Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos,

Obviously, they haven’t won a game in seven, they can’t score, and I think in a perfect world, the ownership group in Buffalo would have rather waited until Christmas, but I’m hearing that the decision could come a lot sooner here, and they ultimately will make the change.

Yes Buffalo Sabres fans, there is a Santa Claus!

Watch the video for yourself – I’ll wait:

As much as I have never demanded that any organization fire a coach or a general manager – who am I to demand someone lose a paycheck? – any hockey fan with half of his brains left in his head realizes that the Sabres need to make this change.  Just as it was a good idea to let go of long-tenured coach Lindy Ruff, the Sabres need to head in a new direction by hiring a new GM.  After all, the team has a new coach and a nice, young core of players who are going to have (hopefully) long and productive careers in the 716.  Why hold onto a GM who has failed to produce a team that could seriously contend for Lord Stanley’s Cup during his time with the organization?

So far, this is all speculation, but you better believe we will be following this story closely, so keep checking back in to Sabre Noise for our reaction should this rumor become reality!

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  • qwicwted

    From what I have read, the rumor of Darcy being let go is false, but management is doing a team assessment earlier than the planned assessment in December – translated to mean……whether to try to trade Miller and/or Vanek sooner rather than later. There are a few teams out there that need a top goalie: Edmonton, Florida and the Islanders. I do see a trade on the Horizon – Buffalo needs to get another Veteran forward. I also think we can add Grigorenko and even Kaleta to our tradeable assets. Kaleta needs to go west – maybe Edmonton is a good place fo him to start over.

    • Richard Spalding

      You buzzkill! Get outta here! :D

      he Sabres need a power forward, IMO. They need help in other areas, as well, obviously. Hey – strike while the iron is hot. Miller is hot. Enough said.

      • Kevin

        The sabres have a power forward they just have to get him signed. The only way I would trade TV is for a young gun that can produce NOW and whatever else comes with him. But the kicker is, why would a team trade a young gun for an older gun? hmmm

        • Richard Spalding

          A team that is fighting to make the playoffs NOW would be more likely to part with a player who MAY continue to have a stellar career. Teams that need good goaltending seem to be more likely to become trading partners with us. Hey – speculating is fun! More fun than talking about losing. :D

          • Jes

            TV won’t resign unless we vastly overpay and make the playoffs. No point doing that right now.

      • qwicwted

        Sorry Rich to be such a killjoy. But you know the thought that no one will deal with Darcy on a trade might be just another case of wishful thinking in the Darcy termination rumors, but if you have something someone wants it is amazing how it brings people to the table. We have a “top” goaltender, a few defensive assets as well as something Edmonton is really missing, an enforcer type of player in the mold of Matt Cooke and Raffi Torres – yup, Patrick Kaleta who essentially has worn out his welcome on the East Coast, but could reinvent himself out West.
        Right now – RNH and Hall are having a rough start to the season – I believe both are in the -15 or thereabouts. So, Edmonton does need help and need makes very strange bedfellows!

        • Richard Spalding

          True. Darcy managed to swing the Pominville move last year, which was a home run for this organization (sorry to mix sports cliches) IMO, so if he found the right team a deal could easily be made.

    • lamarred1118

      If Pegula is indeed thinking about firing Darcy then that is the best news so far this season. Up to now I could only think that the guy was completely clueless, every hockey analyst that has voiced an opinion on Darcy seem to be in agreement that it is incredulous that the guy still has a job.

      I believe there might be another possible candidate for a future GM that has his roots in Buffalo, Jim Schoenfeld is an assistant GM to Glen Sather.

      As far as Miller and Vanek, I’d love to keep both, any successful rebuild needs a solid core to restructure around. I’d trade Enroth instead along with one or two of the defensemen, possibly Weber and McNabb.

      Your thought of being able to find a trade partner for Kaleta may be ludicrous to some folks but even Matt Cooke was wanted after his antics in Pittsburgh and I would not be sad to see Pat go elsewhere, he is a stupid, reckless player.

      • Jes

        Miller is to old and would want to win now rather than later, because he has been struggling quite a bit before the start of the season. He’s not going to resign. Guaranteed. He basically had enough of Buffalo last year.

        Vanek is gone also unless we pay him $8 million a year. Which isn’t worth it IMO. Plus he doesn’t want to sign with a rebuilding team, which in most certainly what we are.

        Kaleta is a type of player that many teams crave for. We’ll get a good package in return for him. Maybe package him with Miller to the Oilers or Florida.

        Players that I think should be traded before the end of the season….
        - Miller
        - Vanek
        - Stafford
        - Kaleta
        - Weber

        • Jerilyn Bachowski

          I don’t know if they would trade Weber because they put themselves in another sticky situation….They made Ott one of the captains and he and Weber are best friends. If they got rid of Weber, I think Ott would not be happy. Just something else to consider. I think Kaleta is too much of a hometown favorite for them to trade. He is stil the most popular player on the team by a long shot, and say what you will about him, this town loves players that play rough like him!

        • Delima05

          yes trade every player that every have any value to the team.

          rebuild 2014!!!-end of time ( vanek n miller )

          sadly we’d end up with a 2-3rd stringer and some low 2nd round draft picks

      • Troy Berkely

        Right! More nepotism is exactly what the Sabres need right now. I rather have someone outside the organization with no ties or history, one who knows about building a team to come in and take over.

        • Jerilyn Bachowski

          Nah, I like Dudley because wherever he has been involved, success has followed. Tampa Bay won the Cup with him there, he helped put together the Chicago team they have now, and now he is in Montreal and look at them…..My vote is for him as GM

          • Troy Berkely

            I sure would like to think so, but to tell you the truth, nothing has worked for this Organization in recent years, so I am not bringing in Dudley is the end all be all savoir. Also Divine, who is responsible for a lot of the drafts, needs to be held accountable as well. Until you gut the people who have created this mess, nothing is going to change.

    • jUStMe

      Sure, but it’s known around the league that no one will work with Darcy on a trade, so how are they going to trade?

      • Jes

        man that is so true the guy has burned so many bridges.

      • jimbobv2

        If nobody will trade with Regier, then how did Pominville get to Minnesota and how did Cody Hodgson end up with the Sabres?

        That stuff is so overplayed, it’s not even funny.

  • Dano

    Rick Dudley! Alumni ( former player ), Knows the Buffalo Area.. Wouldnt mind him as a GM!

    • Richard Spalding

      Pick a Buffalonian off of the street. You would have equal, probably better, results! :)

      • Jes

        Hey Rich you and Caitlin should take the job. But do me a favor please do not resign Miller. And for god sakes trade Weber and the coaching staff must go. Get an offensive minded coach in here.

        • Richard Spalding

          I keep applying for the job but they won’t return my emails!!

          • [email protected]

            Maybe you should write “this is not spam” in the email subject line! It worked for me when I wanted to write a guest spot on the best Sabres blog on the net!!

          • Richard Spalding

            Ha ha ha! Great idea Joey! :D

          • Caitlin Campbell

            Let’s do it Rich! We’ll co-captain this team!

          • Richard Spalding

            Yeah – that’s working out well for the Sabres. Wait . . . .

      • Jes

        anyone who hasn’t had any tutelage from Regier would be a perfect fit for us. I hope to god they just don’ promote from within. Please god no Devine guy seems like a total lost case lol.

    • Timothy Redinger

      It would be great to see Dudley back in Buffalo! I wouldn’t mind seeing Jason Botterill either.

  • Kevin

    I heard Darren Dregier on NHL Tonight say the exact same thing word for word before I heard this idiot.

    • Richard Spalding

      Let’s hope that’s a sign that this rumor has legs, my friend!

  • jimbobv2

    Kyper is already backing away from the comments: “I never said anything’s iminent,” Kypreos said. “I never said that this is happening. That’s an insider that basically talks about things that we’re hearing and what’s out there. I think that people are under the impression that I was reporting that this was gonna happen, and that was not the case.”.”

    • Richard Spalding

      True, but we have hope: read Kevin’s comment below.

  • Jes

    Actually Rich we were serious contenders under Darcy for two straight years during the Briere and Drury era. Plus that great run to the Stanley Cup finals. All good times but in all honesty there’s been way more bad than good. If Darcy is fired I’m hoping to god Devine goes with him to. I don’t want to be part of a team that guys running. And hopefully new GM brings in an experienced head coach to guide these Sabres. Hopefully he is as good as gone soon.

    • Richard Spalding

      That great run to the Finals was not a team built by Regier. I’ll give him the Briere/Drury years, at least!

      • Jerilyn Bachowski

        Yeah, and the main reason we made it to the finals that year was due to the Dominator.

        • Richard Spalding

          Exactly – and Regier couldn’t build off of that success. Best goalie in the universe, and the Sabres never made it back to the Finals. I know winning isn’t easy, but when you have a player like Hasek, it does become a little bit easier to build a championship-caliber team.

    • Jerilyn Bachowski

      Completely agree with you Jes!

  • davidmuscalo

    I think the rumor is really speculation by the media. I noticed there was no reference as to who started the rumor. On one hand, it would be nice if is turns out to be true and Regier is cashiered, but, on the other hand, I wouldn’t have him to kick around anymore.

    Seriously, I think Terry will wait a couple of more weeks before he decides to pull the plug on Regier. I have noticed in the last two or three games that the team is beginning to gel. If this trend continues, Regier may keep his job yet.

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  • chas territo

    True or not and I wish it were true, DR needs to go!! Last week, not now! He has to be the worst GM ever!

  • jimbobv2

    howard ‏@hsimon62:
    Ted Black: dont get too bogged down with wins and losses. its going to be a long season but have to pull back and think big picture

    howard ‏@hsimon62:
    asked about what #Sabres think of Fire Darcy chants, Black said they need to stay the course and cant panic

    Sooooooo, looks like Kyper’s source was off….

    • Jerilyn Bachowski

      Stay the course of continually not making the playoffs? Really? Don’t they get that before Darcy, the Sabres missed the playoffs only 3 times. Since they have had Darcy, they have missed the playoffs 7 times out of 15 seasons, as they will again this year! I don’t want to stay on that course!

      • jimbobv2

        Ummm, the Sabres missed the playoffs in 3 of their first 4 seasons in existance and then again in 85-86 & 86-87. Then they missed in 95-96 and Regier became GM in 97.

        Now, they have missed the playoffs more under Regier than they had prior to his becoming GM. But, thanks to expansion, making the playoffs is harder now than it was before.

        The bottom line is that Pegula and company trust Regier to manage the rebuild and they are committed to the rebuild.

        What the fans think about that doesn’t matter much.

        So, I’m just prepared to sit back and hope that they get top 2 picks the next two years and perhaps that will make a difference.

        The last time the Sabres picked 1st overall they ended up trading the guy they took in that spot for Pat LaFontaine….

  • Disney Destroyed the Star Wars

    Some of the crappiest writing ever.. but the news is promising As a fan of the Sabers since 1989

    • Richard Spalding

      Gosh, I like it when a random fan who won’t share his real name criticizes my writing! My Master’s Degree and 15 years of teaching writing thank you for setting me straight when no one else would!

      Jeez, just add to the discussion!

      • Benjamin M Taylor

        You’d think, after 15 years of staring at the score at the top of his TV, he’d learned to have spelled “Sabres”.

        • Richard Spalding

          Bahahahaha! The universe is fair and just.

      • Jerilyn Bachowski

        Not to mention the fact that he’s a fan, but spelled Sabres incorrectly!

        • Richard Spalding

          And capitalized “As” for no apparent reason. :D

  • Derek Pettys

    Poor Marty Biron….WTF??

  • Troy Berkely

    I am taking bets, regardless of the non validity of rumors, ( just on the record that the rumors is nothing more than lazy journalism, and someone trying to create a storm) that Darcy Regier will indeed be fired, and before Rolston is demoted. Empty seats, win less, and being compared to the Jacksonville Jags as the worse franchise, will get it done every time. Hard to believe that Pegula can stomach much more, lets say 0-20-1 and what will he do? A new Gm will get the new coach. After last nights drubbing by Vancouver, it is clearly evident that Darcy who claims he has a plan, in reality has no plan at all. How many drafts and picks do you need Marcy to make yourself look competent? Can anyone say snake-oil salesman?

    “I admire dedication, hard work, and competence”
    Aryton Senna

    Key word…… competence!

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  • Lloyd M. Jr.

    If Darcy was any kind of GM at all he would’ve demanded a commitment from the previous ownership/management after the 2006 Cup run… to keep their top players, and bring in a few more who could push the Sabres over the top and into a Cup win in 2007. If that commitment wasn’t coming, furthermore, the dignified thing Regier could’ve done was to resign and take his chances elsewhere.
    However, Tom Golisano and Larry Quinn weren’t about to make such a commitment, and Darcy has still kept his job despite all that has happened.
    In the end, this is the one thing to garner from Darcy Regier’s tenure as Sabres’ GM: Darcy Regier is only about Darcy Regier; he is not about the Sabres, he is not about winning the Stanley Cup, and he is not about delighting the customers(fans).
    In any other line of business, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED is the rule. Why not here?
    You pay your money to get a competitive product, and it goes klunk on you. What happenes everywhere else? They either make it right, or they refund your money; they don’t want to lose you as a customer.
    Well, then… should you not have similar recourse even here when it comes to Sabres tickets and the games you go to? Should they not guarantee a competitive effort every time they hit the home ice… and if they klunk out like they did against Vancouver, should they not extend their post-game hourse to accommodate your refund requests?
    Other products/services/businesses give you your money back if you’re not delighted; if you ask me, Terry Pegula and the Sabres need to join with the rest of the business world and guarantee a competitive showing more often.