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Buffalo Sabres Trade Rumors - The Edmonton Oilers

While we are finding out that there is little truth, according to the team at least, that Darcy Regier could be on the hot seat – more rumors fly surrounding the struggling

Buffalo Sabres.

Could the Buffalo Sabres and Edmonton Oilers be talking trade – and talking some big names as well.  While not all players have been named, the biggest three names in the trades involve Ryan Miller, Thomas Vanek, and the Buffalo Sabres receiving Nail Yakupov in return.

An interesting trade to say the least.

Thomas Vanek will most likely be a rental player in any such deal – it is unlikely that he will want to resign on a team that is headed into the same direction as the one he is currently on.

If the Edmonton Oilers are looking at Ryan Miller – they are going to want more assurance from the Buffalo Sabres and Ryan Miller that they are going to be able to resign him for a longer term deal, not just rent him for the rest of the season.

Nail Yakupov is the wild card for the Buffalo Sabres.  With his addition the Sabres add another first round draft pick, a young player with a blossoming NHL career.  With the way we have mishandled Russian players in the past – and the rumors surrounding Yakupov wanting to return to the KHL – is this a good move for the Buffalo Sabres?

The Oilers are not the only team interested in Thomas Vanek – rumors that the Flyers are interested in a scoring threat have surfaced as well – and Darcy might just be feeling the heat to make a move to further his “rebuilding and suffering” and justifying his existence.

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  • james1968

    I wouldn’t want to see both Miller and Vanek go for Yakapov unless there’s another substantial name involved (Eberle, Hemsky,..). Miller for Yakapov and a 2nd or 3rd round drft pick would be ok. I doubt the KHL rumors are true, at least not until he’s made more of a name for himself in the NHL.

    • Timothy Redinger

      I am hearing that there are more parts involved – and there are reports that the Oilers are on Millers no move list – so we shall see how this plays out.

      • james1968

        A big move like this would certainly make the season more interesting.

      • Dano

        I have a thought on this. Im not advocating doing this but..

        If Edmonton REALLY wanted Miller, we COULD put him on waivers. We could trade our 7th round pic to Edmonton. in return for Nail and some player whos eating cap space on them.

        Edmonton could then Claim Miller off waivers as they are sitting at the bottom in points standings.

        Millers no trade/movement clause doesnt matter then. Hes still going to be paid his 6.250 million for the season.

        Shady way to do it, but if done out in the open, and with it being within the rules.. Nobody can really say anything.

  • Justin Tosczak

    NO!! PLEASE NO!!

    I hope they heard me in Buffalo, from here in Saskatchewan..

    Not Yakupov.. He was just benched because he said he weill not change his game… he just wants to score, thats it

  • Kevin

    That’s all we need is another lazy forward. However, if we can get him for only Miller, and since he plays the RW he can fill the void on the top line with Vanek and Hodgson quite nicely if he can return to the #’s he put up in his rookie season. But rumors are like eyeballs, everyone has at least one. :)

  • Percyherb Jackson

    I can’t see, miller and vanek in Edmonton..Yakapov is young, keep him…giving up yakapov and too much..the oilers can turn this around and start winning…c’mon oiler fans give dubyk a chance…

  • Nuthatch

    Since this is a Bucky rumor, just how much credibility does it deserve? Really??

    • Ben Chalker

      I had the exact same reaction.

  • Ben Chalker

    I could see Vanek giving the nod to the move. Not Miller.
    And certainly not while making any kind of assurances of staying for any period of time, so I don’t see it happening.
    Besides all of which, EDM has 4mil and change available against the cap so any trade you’re eating salary.

    Enroth might work though… Whether he’s an improvement on Dubnyk or Labarbera I don’t really know, but he has played rather well thus far this year. well enough for there to be some debate about his starter ability.
    Send Vanek, Enroth and eat some salary. Ask for Yakupov, a 1st and a prospect.
    They’d get a nice bump on goaltending, A veteran winger useful to help win now and Buffalo gets Grigorenko’s linemate from the world juniors ( where he was described as having played the better of the two ) and some future stocks.

    • Jes

      Vanek doesn’t have to give the nod. He has no “No Trade Clause.” And Enroth isn’t going anywhere. Unless you wanna be stuck with Hackett all year next year. Miller won’t resign so all you Miller supporters he’s already as good as gone.

      • Jacob Breunig

        Vanek does have to give the nod, because he and miller gave Darcy a list of 8 teams they would waive their ntc for, and Darcy can go to them and say “hey we have something in the works with Edmonton, interested?” they say no then its a no deal.

        • qwicwted

          Jacob Thomas Vanek has no restrictions in his contract – so if he gets traded to Edmonton -he has no say. Thing is – Vanek is going to end up in MN, most likely at the trade deadline and we’ll end up with Heatly and some like Coyle or Granlund.
          Miller has the limited NTC and Maybe he would approve a trade to Edmonton – one consideration is that he would be playing Western teams and that does take him closer to the wife in LA when on the road.

        • Jes

          No man, do you know how a NHL trade works? Vanek has neither a No Trade Clause or a Limited No Trade Clause. He can get dealt anywhere, anytime. Miller is the only one out of the two who could say no to a trade. Miller is the one with the list of 8 teams. But in all honesty I believe he will end up in either Philly or St. Louis by trade deadline.

          • qwicwted

            Jes, I have a feeling you are right – I think Miller will end up in St. Louis – reason being is Halak has a .919 save % while Miller has a .939. And that is with only winning 1 game on a SO. Halak also has a history of injuries and Elliott’s Save % is .846. I could see something like a Miller/Adam or McNabb for Halak and Stewart (Stewart because he is only playing 13 minutes a game these days and I don’t think he figures into Hitchcock’s plans).

          • Jacob Breunig

            My mistake, I thought vanek had an ntc as well but I do know Darcy is being nice to vanek cause he did ask for a list of “prefered” teams at last deadline from him

  • Jes

    Nail Yakupov would be alright but with the way Grigorenko has played under Rolston I’d be cautious about young “offensive” players coming here. Only Vanek and Hodgson have done really anything.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing something like the following…
    To Edmonton
    - Miller (Take this golden opportunity and trade the guy. Oilers are not in the same position as the Sabres. They are on there way up. Just a good goalie and a defensemen or two away from getting into the playoffs. Unlike the Sabres all we really have right now is goaltending. Oilers could be in playoffs at seasons end. MacTavish is a good GM, he’s making smart moves.)
    - Ehrhoff (I know he’s our main dude on the backend but in all seriousness this team isn’t going anywhere for awhile.)
    - McNabb – Not getting the chance he needs here; give him to someone who will use him.
    - Ruhwedel – I’d like to keep him but if we are getting Yaks and Nurse in return they can have him.
    To Buffalo
    - Yakupov
    - Nurse or First Roudner
    - Dubnyk (For the rest of the year.)
    Then I’d trade Vanek to the Wild. Guaranteed they’d want him for a playoff run.
    To Minny
    - Vanek – He’s onto bigger and better things no reason to delay the inevitable.
    To Buffalo
    - Granlund
    - Coyle
    - Heatley? – Might have to take him in return. I wouldn’t mind just taking $4 million of Vanek’s salary in return so we don’t have to take Heatley in return.

  • Dano

    “Edmonton media is reporting that the Oilers have moved on from trying to acquire Sabres Ryan Miller and are now focussing on Jonas Hiller, Brian Elliott and Michal Neuvirth. It’s believed that Edmonton was 1 of 8 teams (Limited NTC) Miller wouldn’t accept a trade to & could very well be the team that Ilya Bryzgalov, who’s publicly stated the city is too cold for him, turned down.”

  • Greg Czechowicz

    one fricken win sorry it might help if ralston goes lets face it hes motivating no one not even himself

  • Greg Czechowicz

    poor poor unmotivated hockey BOARING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Greg Czechowicz

    just bet against buffalo you win

  • lamarred1118

    Darcy has waited far too long to get anything worthwhile for Miller!