3 Reasons Darcy Regier Is Not Going Anywhere

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I hate to play the role of party pooper here and burst the bubble of fans hoping the Buffalo Sabres are ready to pull the trigger on Darcy Regier, but It’s pretty unlikely that Darcy Regier is going anywhere in the next 2 season’s. Earlier this week a rumour broke out giving fans hope that Regier was on his way out-of-town and that clock was ticking on him. Basically the fans #FireDarcy chant’s had been successful and Terry Pegula was ready to bring in a new GM.

While that all sounds nice and dandy, take it from someone who lives in Canada and has spent a fair share of time listening to Nick Kypreos, the guy has been known to make up news to stir up drama when there’s really nothing to talk about. In typical Kypreos fashion he has retracted his statement and is back-tracking on his story.

While It’s nice for Buffalo Sabres fans to chant #FireDarcy at games and believe that their message is being delivered, It’s going to take a lot more than some chant’s at games and a crappy hockey team for Regier to go. Remember he’s been in charge for 16 years, it’s going to take a lot to move him. Here’s 3 reason’s why Darcy Regier is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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  • Dano

    Im going to comment on 3 things :

    1: “you’re not going to fire a GM who’s had 16 years at the helm just 9 games into a rebuilding season.”

    Rebuilding involves more then just a draft. There was NO dive into free agents. Trades for roster players anyone? Why would I keep a GM around that only does half or a third of a job? Why would I keep around such a narrow minded individual whom has no vision of the full picture?

    Ruff didnt get the Job done, Rolston cant do it.. do we need another coach? Its OBVIOUS that we have/had 2 coaches. 1 has been to the Cup and presidents trophy and the other is noted for talent developement. Are they both failures of the SAME system?

    2: “the fans are kind of important since they buy the tickets and fill the arena’s, but aside from that they don’t get much say.”

    Im going to try and be nice in saying this as I know Americans and Canadians do have a difference in some parts of reality and Capitalism.

    Those stands arent filling! At last nights game, the stands were half empty by midway through the second period. To use your term, ticket sales are SUFFERING SUFFERING SUFFERING! Attendance is SUFFERING SUFFERING SUFFERING!

    When the product isnt selling, it speaks louder then any love of a 16yr GM or Coach. Its obvious the owner has either lost interest OR he needs to take the reputational hit and accept the fact hes surrounded by idiots making bad decisions. Do you REALLY want to say ” the fans dont have a say “?

    We have EVERY say, when we just stop buying tickets and the Sabres become the next Pheonix, loosing cash like a siv. When Pegula is funned at GM meetings about all those empty seats, Regier will loose his in his office.

    3: “I’d be very surprised if Regier doesn’t at the very least last the first season of his rebuild.”

    He will be gone soon. Its been known hes a joke for quite a while. His mediocre drafting and watching good players walk for how many years? Drury, Brier, Soupy, He tossed Afinogenov (sp?) away, Pomminville.. Even little Nathan Gerbe is having quite a year right now!

    Leino? Hows he working out? More games on IR then on the Ice? Myers makes what? Grigerenko fell how many spots in the draft and he snagged him with all the warning indicators saying ‘ lazy russian ‘.

    The Hansons would make better GM’s then Regier!

  • Kevin

    I had said in a post a while back that he will be still sitting in his chair wearing nothing but bones by the time the CSI team finally carts his ass away. We are the laughed at because they “won’t” fire him. Analyst around the League are almost as confused as the Fans are. Obviously Management doesn’t care what they think, or what we think as you said. He says he is rebuilding a team, but IMO he (or they) is tearing down a franchise.

    • jimbobv2

      With Pominville, Vanek, and Miller all moving towards UFA this summer, what option did they really have?

      Especially when you add in that they tried to get big name UFAs the previous two off-seasons and couldn’t land one of the premier UFAs they wanted (Richards, Parise, etc.).

      They need elite talent to improve. They can’t do it via UFA. So, the next option is through the draft.

      And to do that, you have to be really, really bad. Like Dick Tarnstrom leading the Penguins in scoring bad.

      Like Eberle leading the Oilers in scoring with less than 50 pts bad.

      • Kevin

        Like Satan leading the Sabres in scoring bad, that bad?

        • jimbobv2

          Hasek carried a team that Satan led them in scoring with 46 pts to the playoffs. So, worse than that!

          Although the 2002-03 version of the Sabres where Satan was the only player over 45 points and they had the headed goalie monster of Marty, Mika, and Miller was bad enough to get them into the top 5 to pick Vanek….

      • Caitlin Campbell

        Speaking of Eberle I’d love him in blue and gold

        • jimbobv2

          Every team would want a guy like Eberle.

          I doubt the Sabres have what Edmonton would want for him, though. They’d want a young legit #1 or #2 D and Myers has regressed so much that he doesn’t qualify.

  • Jes

    1. Not really too early. Laviolette got fired within the first few games. So anyone can go at anytime.
    Everything else is true. But just saying it’s to early doesn’t mean anything. That’s like saying he will get fired one of these days but I don’t know what day. Your righ about Regier saying get ready for the summer but him and Pegula are like best friends so I doubt he leaves. Hopefully I’m wrong; I’ve been waiting for the day Darcy gets fired since the Drury/Briere fiasco.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      The only difference between Laviolette and Regier is their position. Lavi was a coach, easier to fire a coach earlier on. Yup that was another point I was going to make but Regier and Pegula are very good friends.

      • Jes

        I disagree about letting go coach is easier than letting go of a GM. They are both the same.

        • Caitlin Campbell

          Fair enough we’re all entitled to our opinions lol I would just prefere to fire my GM (If I were in charge) in the offseason or a little deeper into the year.

          • Jes

            Really? If I were President and or owner and this was the result I’d implement a complete overhaul right now before it gets any worse.

            By worse I mean Darcy screwing up the trades of Miller and Vanek. And possibly resigning them to ridiculous contracts that really only Vanek has a shot at living up to. Miller’s been taking his sweet time to actually play like the goalie who earned that contract. Everybody upstairs and downstairs must go for this whole thing to work IMO.

          • Caitlin Campbell

            I agree, you don’t let Darcy screw up any trades with Miller or Vanek

  • Nicole

    Disagree with reason one. Agree with reason two. Reason three is mere speculation… no one can can be guaranteed a job.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Well I guess 1/3 isn’t bad haha. IMO opinion it’s far too early for Regier to get the boot and I don’t believe he would have entered the rebuild without just a little job security.

  • qwicwted

    Any way we look at it, Darcy tried to make the trades to take us to the SC final. You can’t blame him for the Briere/Drury debalcle as I put most of the blame on Gosilano and Quinn with their addition by subtraction philosophy. At one point Regier and the fan base thought the core of Connolly, Pommer, Stafford, Vanek, Roy, Gaustad, Hecht et al would get us a SC – remember, Darcy did get us Regehr, Boyes, Zubris, Torres, Moore, and others who I quickly forgot or choose to forget. The point being – we all discovered the “core” didn’t get it done, so like any other business…..you change personnel. We’ve seen for years the Rangers and Philly dump tons of money into veteran players and since 2000 neither have won the Stanley Cup…..but, they sure have bought out numerous player contracts.
    IMO you need a combination of good coaching, talented youth and experienced skilled veterans to win the Stanley Cup. For some reason, Darcy decided we had enough veteran presence on the team to mentor and lead our youth – and he made it very clear when he started trading Gaustad, Roy, Kassian, Regehr, Leopold et al that the “existing” core was not getting the job done and it was time for a rebuild – that he was going with youth versus older more experienced players. Thing is – as the season progresses, the trade market for Vanek and MIller will get better and I will be interested to see what Darcy pulls out of the hat for them.

  • Joe Mazurkiewicz

    WHY WHY WHY trust this guy to rebuild this team,when it’s HIS fault that they underperformed in the first place??????!!!!!!!!!!!Terry & wifey NEED to STOP being fans & do what REAL OWNERS DO!!!!!!!!! Darcy NEEDS to be FIRED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for the 3rd jersey,TEDDY,would you like some cheese on that sammmich????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kritikisto

    1. Most Buffalo fans already know that Regier will not be going anywhere, because Buffalo fans are always sure that the worst thing that could happen will happen. And they’re usually right. That is, when they’re not sure that this team that just won one game will be taking us to the cup in no time.

    2. Learn how to use apostrophes. It may be true that Darcy will be here for the next two seasons, but he’s not going to be here for the next two “season’s.”

  • Lloyd M. Jr.

    If Darcy Regier were any kind of GM, he would’ve demanded a commitment from Tom Golisano and Larry Quinn after the 2006 Cup campaign ended… a commitment to keep their better players, and to bring in a few more who could push the Sabres over the top and into the Stanley Cup winners’ circle. Furthermore, if Regier was ANY kind of GM, he would’ve added this ultimatum: “Commit with me now, or I submit my resignation within the hour.”

    However, no commitment, and Darcy is still GM.

    In the end, Darcy is only about his own job security; he’s not about the Sabres, their being able to win the Cup, or the fans’ interests.

    Sabre fans: If you have any self-respect left, let me advise you free of charge… TURN IN THOSE SEASON TICKETS AND GET YOUR MONEY BACK!