Mar 31, 2013; Buffalo, NY, USA; Buffalo Sabres center Steve Ott (9) and Boston Bruins defenseman Dennis Seidenberg (44) look for the loose puck during the second period at the First Niagara Center. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Sabres - Boston Bruins: Which Team Gets Beatdown in Buffalo?

Hey, Buffalo Sabres fans!

You know how sometimes, when NBC Sports does Rivalry Night every Wednesday, that some of the match-ups don’t truly qualify as a rivalry?  (I mean, according to NBC Sports Network, if the two teams have played each other once before, it’s a rivalry!)

Well, throw that out the window: tonight’s grudge match between the Buffalo Sabres and the Boston Bruins is, indeed, a rivalry, despite the disparity that exists among these two teams in the standings.  As divisional foes, these two teams pose a threat to one another’s playoff chances, which is more than enough reason for players on either side to get pumped up for games such as the one we will see tonight.

That, and the fact that Milan Lucic is a piece of <swear word meaning excrement> who plowed over Ryan Miller two season ago.

Tonight’s game is the first of five contests between these two squads this season, and it comes at a pretty good time for the boys in blue and gold: if a prime-time, nationally-televised showdown with the rival Bruins cannot get this team to put together 60 minutes of competitive hockey, than nothing can, folks.  Tonight’s game will be THE litmus test for how well Ron Rolston, his coaching staff, and the veterans of this team are progressing toward turning this mess of a franchise into a respectable, hard-working squad.

Questions to consider:

1. Can the Sabres capitalize on the fact that they will be facing backup goaltender Chad Johnson tonight?  Will they score 3+?

2. Do the Sabres come out aggressive and keep pace with the Bruins, or do they get woefully outshot in the first yet again?

Join the discussion, and keep your fingers crossed!  Go Sabres!

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  • Richard Spalding

    Sadly, I don’t see the Sabres pulling this game out, even with Boston’s backup goalie starting. The Sabres will come out a little bit more inspired than recently, but still be overwhelmed early in the game. 3-1 Boston.

    • Kevin

      It all comes down to whether the Sabres can finally have a good 1st period. The game plan for every opponet has been to jump on us early because we are a fragile opponent. If we can come out of the 1st unscathed, it gives us more of an even effort in my opinion just going by how they Sabres have been playing the in the last 40 minutes of the previuos 10 games. However, that means nothing if we can’t or don’t create scoring chances and the finish on them. Just for that reason alone It pains me dearly to pick Bahhhstin 3-1 with an empty netter. Sabres score is the the Briuns killer Thomas Vanek.

      • Richard Spalding

        I have to hope the team comes out inspired for this one. If not, someone gets fired, in my opinion.

        • Jes

          Rolston’s here for about another 14 years and Darcy Regier will be here for eternity. If Regier is fired then Darcy Regier Jr. (Kevin Devine) will take over.

        • Kevin

          Wishful thinking Rich on the firing. I hope the team comes out firing also, but moreso they come out playing smart.

  • Cory Buck

    Yeah, I could see the Sabres coming out strong because it’s a div. opponent, maybe getting an early goal on a rusty goaltender, but Boston is just better all around. 4-1 Broons.

  • Caitlin Campbell

    Sabres winning it! 2-1 Sabres…

    • Richard Spalding

      You’re just feeling good because of your new position here! :D

      • Caitlin Campbell

        hahaha maybe….

  • wolfdoctor

    I feel good about tonight’s game. Zadorov will score the game winner.

  • Jes

    Sabres win 4-1

    1. Yes they will capitalize. They will chase Johnson from net in the 2nd period.
    2. No, Sabres will come out dead in the first period. 2nd period is where we chase Johnson from the net.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      See Rich- Jes is on my side… a Big Sabres W!

  • davidmuscalo

    The Sabres are a good AHL-level hockey club. They will put up a good fight at times and make the game exciting, but in the end, the NHL team will win.

    • Richard Spalding

      These comparisons never get old!!!

  • Justin Tosczak

    Sabres win 4-3. Bergeron gets one, Lucic one and Iginla one. Sabres get 2 from Vanek, 1 from Foligno/Ennis and 1 from one of the young guns (Grigo, Girgensons, Zadorov etc)

    Miller faces 41 shots vs 29 from the Sabres

  • [email protected]

    Well, I didn’t expect a win, but I thought we might have been able to pull it off after we made it 3-2. Then the 3rd period happened, losing sucks but losing 5-2 with the opponents back up goalie in, and being outshot 11-2 in the 3rd and 34-16 overall is just plain bad.