Buffalo Sabres It's Time For a Line-Up Shake-Up

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How many games do the Buffalo Sabres have to lose before Ron Rolston understands that his current line-up isn’t working? He changes his lines during almost every game, yet goes back to those same lines in practice and for the next game. What gives, has the whole team threatened to stop playing if he changes the lines around?

If the lines he has come up with haven’t worked for 9 games then why does he stick with those lines? Any other coach would have shaken his lines up after just 2 losses and I’m not talking about just demoting a sluggish star to the fourth line. What the Buffalo Sabres need is a complete line-up shake-up and I’m talking drastic!

It’s time for Rolston to completely turn the Buffalo Sabres line-up upside down in an attempt to find some kind of momentum and chemistry, I mean what do they have to lose?

Here are the lines that I propose

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