Oct 19, 2013; Buffalo, NY, USA; Buffalo Sabres left wing Marcus Foligno (82) in play during the game against the Colorado Avalanche at First Niagara Center. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: Ten Games In

Ok, so for a team that showed promise in the preseason, they are not doing anything amazing to show that this team is anything like what they played like in the preseason.

Being 10 games in, what is going on in Buffalo?

The Good:

Goaltending has been amazing for Buffalo. Both Miller and Enroth have paired up to stop 318 shots in 10 games. Thats amazing considering they have only let in 27 goals combined. Both goalies come to play and it’s rough out there when they are asked to hold off a firing squad on a daily basis.

Since being lined up together, the Ennis, Foligno, and Stafford line has seemed to awaken all three of the players at least a little bit. Since then, the line has resembled the “Coneheads” line made famous in the 1980 US Olympic hockey team. The line has been generating chances that both Stafford and Foligno have capitalized on. Ennis only has one goal, but he has been all over the ice and giving Drew and Marcus the chances. Pass. Shoot. And Score.

Cody Hodgson has been lively the latter part of the past few games, amassing 5 assists along with 2 goals. Hopefully this effort and success can carry on for him and influence the rest of the team to pick up the pace.

The third period seems to be a whole new period for the young Sabres, which is good because if they can get a lead and then play the third like they’ve been playing, wins will come more often.

Thomas Vanek has also seemed to find his stride and setting himself in. He looks more and more comfortable in each game that goes on.

The Bad:

We have almost no scoring whatsoever. In these 10 games we have scored more than two goals once. In the game that we did score more than two goals……WE WON. Our only win of the season, we scored more than two goals. It’s almost like saying “score goals and you can win.” Hmm.

The first two periods are shoot and miss lately. Some days we are on our game for one of the two periods, with the period that we are sluggish being the period that usually kills us.

The Ugly:

We are 1-8-1. That is very ugly in my book.

Fans are starting the “Fire Darcy” chant on a daily basis. Nothing screams ugly more like that.



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  • Michael McBurney

    Additions to the “Good” – Seeing more youth in the lineup, and bonus – not seeing them as total defensive liabilities.

    Additions to the “Bad” – not seeing youth with enough ice time, cuz if this rebuild is ever gonna finish, Sabres need to get that youth the experience that only comes with ice time.

  • Kevin

    The good – PK, The Ugly – PP The good – Goaltending, The Bad – the reasons the goaltenters have to stand on their heads every game. The reason for that is: Team Zone Defense. its starts with puck possesion – Sabres are bad at it – then it shifts to a sustainded attack in the offensive zone – Sabres are bad at that – then it shifts to the Neutral zone where the Sabres are turning the puck of over at every turn — really bad at that – The it shifts to the defensive zone where if your not good at the other two zones you are going to terrible at this zone, simply because you’re going to be spending a lot of time there and your going tire quicker and more than likely going to take penalties and give up chances, thus putting way too much pressure on your goaltender to come up big, aka 40 shots on goal every night. In short, there are 5 skaters out there. Setting aside single handed screw up and amazing plays by one player, It takes all the players doing their job offensively and defensively. Think about when a your in the offensive zone and you miss a pass or bounces off your stick, or even worse make a bad pass, that is a poor defensive play no matter what zone your in is it not? Look for these things when you whatch the next game.

  • Caitlin Campbell

    The good- We haven’t been kicked out of the NHL or demoted to the AHL as of yet. All though we may be laughed out of the league soon.
    The bad- Being Buffalo Sabres’ fans
    The ugly- the Buffalo Sabres
    haha Great article Sean!

  • [email protected]

    “It’s almost like saying “score goals and you can win.” Hmm.”

    You owe me a new keyboard, as mountain dew was spat on it after reading this. Awesome lol

  • Joseph Williams

    The Good-Foligno, Zadorov, Girgensons, Miller, the PK. The Bad-the rest of the team’s dumb mistakes and lack of passion. The Ugly-The disgusted look on my face.

  • Dano

    Theres a LOT of positives in all of this that nobody even mentions.

    With a winning team, people sit back and enjoy the ride. With a loosing team, people take notice. With the Sabres, theres almost a mutiny of absolute disgust.

    A few positive things : Cody Hodgson has been exposed as a 1 way player. Same as Vanek. Even the idiot known as Mike Milbury mentioned this in last nights game.

    Myers is abysmal at defense. Yes, its a positive thing if its recognized instead of being an under the surface cancer.

    One of the most positive things is the Youth actually showing up and putting in effort! They arent letting the scoreboard keep them down. They are showing up to play night in and night out. They are actually starting to shine over the veterans IMO.

    The Bad? In all fairness, its not that ‘ bad ‘. They arent winning. An AHL team is playing against NHL calibre squads. Who would ‘ Expect ‘ them to win?