Oct 23, 2013; Buffalo, NY, USA; Buffalo Sabres defenseman John Scott (32) and Boston Bruins defenseman Adam McQuaid (54) fight during the third period at First Niagara Center. Bruins beat the Sabres 5-2. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Sabres Will Be Without the Services of John Scott For . . . ?

The hammer has been brought down, folks.

Buffalo Sabres forward John Scott has been suspended indefinitely by the NHL for his blindside hit on Boston Bruins forward Loui Eriksson during last night’s 5-2 loss in the First Niagara Center.

I caught wind of the news via Twitter, courtesy of ESPN:


 Click on the link, and you will discover that the NHL has suspended Scott indefinitely pending a disciplinary hearing.

Sabres fans will no doubt cry foul, pointing out that Scott has no history of being disciplined, but whether you agree with the NHL’s stance or not, the reality is this: the NHL has witnessed too many head shots to open this season.  The league will continue to come down hard on players who target the head, beginning today with Scott.

To his credit, John Scott has gone public with his thoughts on last night’s vicious hit:

“I kind of feel really upset.  I was sick to my stomach last night knowing what happened. And watching the video, I kind of regret the whole situation.”

Scott also indicated that he texted Eriksson following the game to offer an apology and see how the injured Bruins forward was doing.

The announcement gives the Buffalo Sabres a bit of a double-whammy today, as it was also announced that the league would uphold the 10-game suspension that had been received by Patrick Kaleta.

John Scott may a really nice guy off of the ice, but these types of hits are sickening to watch, and need to be taken out of the game.  When players start targeting their opponents’ heads, serious injury will become commonplace, so I am glad to see the NHL is finally getting serious about disciplining players for head shots.  I know some old-school fans are going to call me soft, but the game is what it is, and the safety of players need to be considered at some point.


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  • Kevin

    Good, we don’t need him anyway.

  • Timothy Redinger

    Tropp will add some grit and skill when he returns to the lineup…he should easily replace Scott when it comes to regular minutes.

    • Jes

      Scott’s minutes are easily replaced by anyone. I’m sure my gramma can replace him with the minutes he plays. However no one on the Sabres roster can replace his intimidation factor, and that for a young out o control team is pretty huge.

      • Kevin

        haha now I would fly up there to see your gramma play Jes.lol. I think Scott’s intimidation factor was wearing down anyway. I think what would be more useful is a guy who could stay on the ice more 1 1/2 min a game.

      • [email protected]

        My grandmother was a 6ft 1inch German woman, she was the last person I would want barreling toward me on the ice!!

        • Dano

          2 Questions!

          1.) Can she skate?
          2.) Is she NHL draft Eligible?


          • Timothy Redinger

            Don’t need her to be draft eligible – sign her as an undrafted free agent!!!

          • Dano

            Damn man! That would be awesome! ;)

          • [email protected]

            Unfortunately, she currently resides at 1411 Deleware ave, Buffalo, NY. That would be Forest Lawn Cemetery. Hence the word was, but either way you guys made me laugh. She was a Sabres fan, so no doubt she wouldn’t mind getting on the ice to try and improve the team if she was still here!!!

  • Meaghan Allen

    “Suspended indefinitely pending hearing” is the standard process, per the CBA agreement, though. Kaleta has a history of suspendable hits so I don’t know how Shanny would be able to give more than 5 games. There’s also a size match up difference in the hits, in that Scott is a giant and his elbow naturally is higher than Kaleta’s, who had to jump a bit to make the head-to-elbow contact. I’m not defending Scott, by any means, but he’s not going to be gone for that long. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him benched for a while because coach is probably going to be fined for letting him play.

    • http://SabreNoise.com/ Richard Spalding

      I can guarantee you Scott will get more than five games. Guarantee it.

      • BryanD

        I have the feeling he’s going to have the book thrown at him for this, even being a first time offender with all the talk lately of getting fighting out of hockey it doesn’t look good. For sure there going to use the Kessle fight against him, and his number of games goals and PIM, I say a good 10 to 25 games

  • Lloyd M. Jr.

    As long as other teams, like Boston, have goons/tough guys, John Scott is needed on the Sabres.
    Mr. Pegula: Tell Messrs. Shanahan/Bettman to F themselves; John Scott plays in Miami tonight against the Panthers. Judge Lloyd has ruled.