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Poll: Where Should Mikhail Grigorenko Be Playing?

There has been a lot of talk about the Buffalo Sabres future top-line centre as of late. From him playing on the 4th line to rumours about him being traded or labelled a bust, there has been no shortage of controversy surrounding Mikhail Grigorenko. So today we’re giving you the fans a chance to sound off on Mikhail Grigorenko. Where do you think he should be playing in the Sabres line-up? Or do you think he could use a little more time in the QMJHL?

It’s pretty easy to see that Mikhail Grigorenko is having a difficult time adapting to the Buffalo Sabres and the NHL right now and the

biggest question is why. I wrote a couple weeks ago asking whether it was Grigorenko’s fault or the Buffalo Sabres fault and right now I’m on the fence. Grigorenko could certainly be trying harder, but Ron Rolston and the Sabres haven’t exactly put him in a position to succeed. Buryng the kid on the 4th line certainly doesn’t help his confidence and doesn’t give him much opportunity to improve alongside John Scott.

Right now Mikhail Grigorenko remains a mystery to everyone watching the Buffalo Sabres. Could Ville Leino help get the kid going when he returns from injury? They’ve had success together in the past and at this point it certainly couldn’t hurt to try right?

With the Sabres in their rebuilding state and currently boasting only 1 win on the season nothing can make things much worse, so where should the Sabres try Grigorenko?

Do they give him some time centring the 1st line alongside Thomas Vanek? Do they move him to the second line and pair him with the speedy Tyler Ennis and tough Marcus Foligno? Or do they move him to wing on the first or third lines to try and generate some life from Grigorenko?

Place your vote in today’s poll on where you would have Mikhail Grigorenko slated in the Buffalo Sabres line-up. Or do the Sabres do the drastic and send Mikhail Grigorenko back to the QMJHL? I mean it has to be better for him than having him play alongside John Scott, right?

Place your vote and then sound off in the comments on where Mikhail Grigorenko should be playing to best advance his development!

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  • Jes

    1st line center.

    Sending him back to the Q IMO will just ruin his confidence and quite possibly his career. Give him the minutes he needs to succeed.

    • Timothy Redinger

      I don’t think you are going to ruin him by sending him down – he will go and light it up just as he did last year when we bounced him back and forth – but its not teaching him how to respond to the NHL game.
      It just sucks we can’t season him in Rochester.

      • Jes

        True. Is it because he is just too young to play in the AHL or something?

        • Caitlin Campbell

          yup the NHL has an agreement with the CHL that players of a certain age must either play in the NHL or be returned to the CHL to insure the CHL doesn’t loose all it’s talent

  • davidmuscalo

    Grigo doesn’t belong in the NHL.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Well that’s one way to put it lol

    • BryanD

      He needs at least one more year in the QMJHL if not a round in the Amerks. My biggest worry is that he bolts to the KHL

  • Ben Chalker

    The Sabres aren’t going to do an awful lot of winning any time soon. Vanek will be gone at the deadline if not sooner. There are things we can assert with a disheartening volume of confidence. Put Grigo with Vanek. Put Hodgson with whichever wingers he’s likely to end up playing with when Vanek scoots out of town. Let what little time you have left with the successful veteran be productive on the larger scale. Hodgson is going to have to try and develop chemistry with new wingers eventually, why not start now.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      exactly Cody Hodgson needs to develop some new chemistry and Grigo needs to get going with some more ice-time

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  • chas territo

    Caitlin, a few drinks too many when you wrote this? Or did your anger cause the mistakes in your post? I wont point them out, they’re easily seen. I ask this because when I post when frustrated or angry I make mistakes and I try to take the time to proofread before posting so peeps don’t think I’m am idiot, not saying I think that about you. lol. As for Grigs, I don’t want any player here who can’t play. That’s all I have to say.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Well I’m glad you don’t think I’m an idiot. I double check every post and other than a couple apostraphes for plural words there really isn’t much to complain about.

      • chas territo

        My,my, Caitlin, I never said you were an idiot, re-read what I said. You will see the word LIKE,not IS. Spelling is my point, Burring, the first? Burying, maybe? Centre? Your Canadian influence? This is America, please write accordingly. When in Rome,etc.

        • chas territo

          OOPS, I meant to say ” not saying I think that about you.”

        • Caitlin Campbell

          No I meant that genuinely I’m glad you don’t think that. Yes I speak and spell like a Canadian, but I don’t see that changing sorry.

          • chas territo

            No need to apologize. I just had to say something. Good for you being a Canuck, whatever that means. lol.

          • Caitlin Campbell

            I’m a crazy canuck haa

        • Mark

          Stfu you douche, you need an ass-whoopin! When in Rome ? Really? Cause she wrote Centre instead of Centre? Get a life you clueless idiot.

          • chas territo

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          • Anthony

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          • chas territo

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  • Lloyd M. Jr.

    Grigorenko is a boy amongst men; right now, he should play one more season back in the Quebec league before coming back.