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Daily Dasherboard October 25, 2013

Happy Friday morning, Buffalo Sabres fans and NHL hockey enthusiasts!

At this point in the NHL season, I understand plenty of us are disgruntled, as the Buffalo Sabres have not given us much, if any, entertainment so far.  We’re also feeling a tad persecuted, as the NHL and the sports media have trained their eyes on the Sabres due to some negative play (that of Patrick Kaleta and John Scott).  In times like these, you need an escape.  A one-way ticket to Maui would be my choice, but since that’s not going to happen, I present you  . . . (drumroll) . . . the links!

As always, there was a healthy dose of NHL action last night, and as always, I advise you to head here for all your recaps! [TSN]

Speaking of Kaleta, now that the NHL has upheld his 10-game suspension, will the NHLPA dare appeal again? [Sports Illustrated]

The topic of illegal hits is going to be a popular one all year long.  Here is a list of ideas of how the NHL can finally eliminate the most unnecessary hits we have been seeing lately. [Sporting News]

Hey – the Sabres are embarrassed enough!  Let’s shift the focus to another team who deserves to be embarrassed: the Tampa Bay Lightning, for this hilarious own-goal that tied the game up with the Chicago Blackhawks!  [Puck Daddy]  Note to Sabres’ opponents: feel free to do these sort of things when you play Buffalo!

Even with their loss land night, the San Jose Sharks are still considered legitimate contenders to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup by many pundits.  What do you think – do you Buy or Sell that idea? [Bleacher Report]

Trade rumor time!  [b/r]

Finally, here’s a look at the struggles of Mike Weber.  I have to feel bad for this guy; many of us were so high on him when the season started.  Hope he turns it around.

Enjoy, and check back in later today for our pregame coverage of the Sabres’ first trip to the Sunshine state!

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