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Poll: Is Jhonas Enroth Ready?

There was once a time I cringed and panicked when Jhonas Enroth was between the pipes for the Buffalo Sabres, but that time is no more. Instead now more people, including myself, have become confident about Enroth between the pipes. How confident have I become in Jhonas Enroth? I now believe there is no better time to hand him the reigns of the Buffalo Sabres and send Ryan Miller on his way.

Ever since Ron Rolston rolled into town, he brought a different Enroth to the ice. Instead of a goaltender who couldn’t stop a beach ball,

he’s now a goaltender who can win his team games when they’re badly outplayed and that’s all the Sabres need. It appears as of late that Jhonas Enroth has finally taken the step needed to reach the next level of his young career and is ready to carry a bigger role for the Sabres.

Since his world hockey championship gold medal with team Sweden, Enroth has been on the radar of a lot of people wondering when Miller would be gone. While the season began with Miller between the pipes, it’s looking less likely it will finish that way with the play of Jhonas Enroth this season. Enroth is 1-2-1 on the season with an impressive .932 Save Percentage and 2.22 Goals Against Average and has looked very impressive in his 4 outings.

Due to how impressive Enroth has looked, he’s turned a lot of heads and is starting to earn a reputation in the league and as a result there are a lot of people calling for him to play a larger role with the Sabres. It seems like the Sabres may have found Ryan Miller’s successor and should feel confident in moving on from their former franchise netminder.

Here’s my question to all you Buffalo Sabres fan’s, and maybe it’s just because the Sabres won and we’re all happy, but do you think Jhonas Enroth is ready to become the Buffalo Sabres starting goaltender? He’s certainly looked awfully good as of late and he’s starting to turn doubters into believers.

Place your vote in the poll and sound off in the comments on your thoughts about Jhonas Enroth as of late. Is he ready?

Is Jhonas Enroth Ready?

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  • Vic Soga

    Both Enroth and Miller are trying to make their Olympic national team. Are they really playing for Buffalo? Enroth may even be ahead of injured Lundquist. Miller is behind Quick and Anderson but may move closer if he wins tonight and the next game.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      If the teams were being picked right now I have little doubt that both of them would not only be on their respective Olympic teams but also be starters

    • Jes

      Quick is the starter for USA no question there.

      Lundqvist is the starter for Sweden no question there.

      I believe Howard would be ahead of Miller as of right now. Miller IMO will get a spot on the US roster just because of what he did for the team in Vancouver, and hell the guy can still play with the best of the best.

      • Caitlin Campbell

        Miller is outplaying Quick, Howard and Anderson so far this season. I wouldn’t count him out at all

  • Jes

    Glad you finally jumped on to support Enroth Cait (Is that ok to call you that? What do you prefer to be called?). The guy was ready when he got those 4 straight wins and then won the World Championship Gold in his home country along with best goaltender in the tourney. The guy is more than ready. But I’d still give Miller his share of the starts because hey he’s on the trade block and needs #1 goalie time out there for us to get anything decent for him. Islanders and St. Louis are struggling quite a bit with there goaltending. Make the call Darcy. Just out of the “Blues” (See what I did there lol) what would have to happen for us to send both Vanek and Miller to St. Louis?

    • Caitlin Campbell

      haha yes Jes, I am almost ready to trust Enroth fully with the reigns. They undoubtly have to continue letting Miller take the lead until he’s gone but I believe they are now comfortable enough to ship him out of town.
      Yes you can call me Cait no worries- the nickname I’ve always carried has been CC.

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