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Poll: Did the Buffalo Sabres Win the Vanek Deal?

Last night Darcy Regier pulled the trigger on the first upcoming free agent for the Buffalo Sabres by sending Thomas Vanek to the New

York Islanders in exchange for Matt Moulson and two draft picks. By now fans have had a chance to sleep on the trade and fully adjust to the fact that Thomas Vanek is no longer a member of the Buffalo Sabres. Now that you’ve had that chance to think it over what do you think of the deal? Did the Sabres win the trade or did the Islanders get the better deal?

Both player’s will become free agents at the end of this season and are just rental players for the rest of the season, but the two draft picks Regier was able to land certainly help sweeten the deal.

While it’s hard to see one of the best forwards in Sabres’ history be shipped out of town but because of the rebuild the team has to think about the future. Thomas Vanek was very unlikely to re-sign with the Sabres, so it was just a matter of time before he was shipped out of town. Sure this trade took everyone by surprise (the timing) but it was bound to happen at some point.

This was a pretty good deal for both sides but the Sabres did manage to acquire a player who has three straight 30-goal season’s and that’s not a bad pick-up. Would the Buffalo Sabres consider re-signing Moulson for next season?

Sound off in the comments below to share your thoughts on the trade and whether the Sabres won the deal or not.

Did the Sabres Win the Vanek Deal?

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  • qwicwted

    Again, I really like this trade. While Moulson and Vanek’s numbers are pretty much the same, Moulson is a worker, has character and goes to the dirty areas (front of the net and corners). This trade gives Moulson the opportunity to step out of the shadows and become “the man”. He is the type of player who has the qualities that we want our youngsers to emulate and I think he could be a good leader and mentor. Getting the 1st and 2nds round draft picks was icing on the cake.
    As for Vanek, I’m happy he is going to a team that might contend for a playoff spot. IMO Vanek had checked out of Bflo and he was just going throught the motions. Thing is, if it doesn’t work out in LI, they can trade him at the trade deadline – so it was a good move for LI.
    So much for other GMs not wanting to deal with Darcy. I notice the boards are pretty quiet today. With this trade I’m curious as to where Miller will end up. I don’t want to ask for too much, but I would like to see Rolston replaced – he may be a good teacher, but I don’t think he is NHL ready yet. I also wouldn’t have a problem with Darcy trading Ennis, Kaleta or Staff.

    • lamarred1118

      Totally agree, similar players on paper only. The Vaneks are in for culture shock on Long Island, I lived there for over 20 years and let’s see how TV and family enjoy the congested, aggressive pace of the Island. It is a far cry from her Midwestern roots. In the same light Moulson and his young family might enjoy a break from the hectic pace and he is a lot closer to home and a Bills fan to boot!

  • chas territo

    My question, as usual, what took so long? I mean he wanted out, so this is great for Buffalo. Now get rid of that over rated, unwinning a big game goalie, Ryan Miller.

    • [email protected]

      Finding the right deal. Darcy won’t trade unless he can get a couple picks.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Regier had to be 100% sure Vanek wasn’t coming back, once he was there was no reason to wait and that’s why they pulled the trigger now instead of at the deadline.

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  • [email protected]

    Only thing about Moulson, at least what folks are saying, is that he is only as good as long he was playing with Tavares. I know even if he doesn’t work out or we trade him away too before the deadline, we still got the picks for Vanek. But for Buffalo to win this trade, Moulson stays. Its a fair deal if we trade him away for more picks.

    Sidenote, it sucks that most of the player’s jerseys I own are no longer with us anymore. Grrrrr.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      He looked very solid tonight playing alongside Hodgson and Ennis so maybe he is just a very underrated player in his own right. I highly doubt he’ll be sticking around so flipping him for picks is just fine.
      hahaha I only have a Miller and that will soon be out-dated

  • lamarred1118

    At this point in the season I would have thought that the two picks would have been the maximum return for Vanek. To get Moulson as well is the bonus for this season. Getting him signed to a reasonable contract will be tough with UFA looming, but this is a guy who has had to work his ass off to get where he is, was basically saved from the scrap heap by Snow and thrived with a bunch of talented young players. This could be your real leader for the kids , this isn’t a first round pick who always had success, this is a similar player to Vanek only on paper, not on the ice. I hate what little Dorky has done with this team in his time here but I like the trade and no, this doesn’t mean I want him to stick around another 16 years let alone another 16 months!

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Regier has a decent track record of getting everything he can out of a deal. Moulson is a great addition to the Sabres. A pure worker and someone who is going to score goals. He’ll be playing for a new contract so he should be determined to play well. Hopefully his workman attitude rubs off on the rookies